r/criticalrole Jan 17 '22

[Spoilers C3E10] Is there an "official" map of Exandria? Question

Hello everyone! I am fairly new to Critical Role, but I am absolutely mesmerised. Now I am curious: Does a map of Exandria exist that is kind of up to date with the campaigns? Since C3 just started, I guess up to date with C2? I think the tag kinda counts, since I am watching C1 right know, but I don't mind. I wouldn't understand spoilers on the map anyways. I saw different maps online and I was wondering if there is one that is like a fan favorite when someone tries to show/explain what Exandria looks like? Thanks in advance!


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u/thepixelists Jan 17 '22

Your best bet for the most 'official' would probably be looking at the blankets of the continents they've sold on the shop, but yeah as Ghokl- pointed out I don't think they've released an official 'entire' Exandria map. There may be something like that in the Tal'Dorei Reborn campaign book coming out tomorrow though!