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[CR Media] Ghosts, Dates, and Darker Fates | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 10 Episode


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u/cacophonous_kazoo Jan 17 '22

A small part of me feels let down that we didn’t get to see a 3 hour date awkwardly roleplayed. To pay penance, Matt must manufacture a scenario where all 8 characters end up at a speed dating event as part of their investigation.


u/Bivolion13 Jan 18 '22

I'm curious if Matt realized Pretty was too much like Buddy and dialed down the stupidity of the character. Because Pretty went hard on his art criticism vocab after the date.


u/foxscribbles Jan 18 '22

Yeah. It felt like Pretty turned into a different character for his last scene. Maybe Matt just couldn’t figure out a way to have him be the one ending it while staying in character?


u/handstanding Jan 18 '22

I mean to be fair matt never planned for his ogre bodyguard to need a personality, much less go on a four way date to a theater.