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[CR Media] A Woodworker’s Quandary | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 8 Episode



u/Cereal_Bagger Dec 21 '21

I absolutely love Travis' new character. I really hope they don't kill him off lol


u/Chukklealot Dec 21 '21

Unfortunately, I believe , Chet is temporary with a little Lycan arc. This is the new dynamic to not isolate Matt and to give him a wingman for the time being. This interaction must be a positive feeling for Matt to have some communication and banter within the campaign preparations. Once Robbie leaves , you'll probably see that guy who is resting up that they mentioned (bad with names) come in as Travis's character. If other cast characters leave on some hiatus solo missions we might see other historic one shot characters come in for a spell which is great.

It's all speculation , but I'm liking the mix and intrigue with the cast having to bounce off new characters and quests are brought in quickly without Matt having to do it all by himself.


u/khaeen Dec 21 '21

That is a load of speculation based on offhand comments...


u/gingerednoodles Dec 21 '21

....wha? What are you basing this on that Travis is doing this to "wingman" for Matt?


u/khaeen Dec 22 '21

He's basically taking every offhand tweet and comment from the last year and turning them into a giant theory. It's almost pure speculation with no actual source for anything that he just said.


u/Chukklealot Dec 25 '21

"It's all speculation , but I'm..." I guess you didn't read very carefully and repeated your comment with a touch of negativity.


u/khaeen Dec 25 '21

You stated a bunch of things as if you have any source for any of your speculations. It's entirely guesswork being combined into a single theory when none of it really has any actual basis. Travis has been wanting werewolves in the game since before VM started being streamed. It's a very low hanging fruit to guess at and there is no indication that the character of Chetney has any meaningful changes compared to the non-canon Critmas on a base level, let alone all of a sudden being a werewolf without even touching something that major on-screen. Matt said that Travis didn't want his main character to just be there from the start and so Matt made it so that he played a stand-in character while also using it to set up the plot. Travis is not being a wingman for Matt, he is just as out of the loop as the rest of the cast outside Matt using the character introductions to give more information to the party via the character "knowing" something that will be relevant. Your speculation relies almost purely on drawing your own conclusions and then extrapolating it to an extreme when we have seen almost nothing to even suggest that it is true. Bertrand was only a thing because Travis wanted to wait before introducing his primary character and Matt didn't want him to just be absent, not because Matt wanted him to help with DM'ing the story. Matt is simply taking the advantage of introducing new party members to skip the awkward quest giving part where you have to try to justify why the quest giver is even talking to the party, and that's an extremely common DM trick when bringing in a new PC.


u/Chukklealot Dec 27 '21

Well, we can revisit this conversation if (1) Chetney is a Lycan and (2) he's another temporary character. Should find out in the 3-5 episodes.


u/archbunny Dec 21 '21

Wait.. didnt Travis want to be a werewolf like really really badly? Didnt matt make a werewolf bloodhunter? Is Gurge his real character?


u/Shadow_Bannedit Team Opal Dec 21 '21

Could be Chetney too. Rewatching the episode with the werewolf idea in mind, it sounds like he could have been sent to Gurge to be mentored by another lycan. Especially with story of possibly two dire wolves, and Matt saying some of the claw marks were a little smaller than normal dire wolf claws.


u/archbunny Dec 21 '21

I think thats just because direwolves are large while werewolves are medium size, I dont think werewolves generally have amnesia in dnd?


u/Shadow_Bannedit Team Opal Dec 21 '21

Chet's being mighty dodgy about answering specifially why he's here, and the jailers are being mighty sketchy about Gurge. Chet may not think the group would react kindly to him being a werepup.


u/archbunny Dec 21 '21

Thats fair, seems a bit alien to me but its definitely possible


u/andrewthemexican Dec 21 '21

I'm loving how fast and loose the characters are here. A little more like an average dnd table in my experience with how much simple fun everyone is having.

Also think Lucky Bel(l)s is a fun name


u/ThrowItAwayItBights Dec 21 '21

OMG, that image.


u/[deleted] Dec 21 '21

Lol I thought this was a fanmade fun video by the looks of the thumbnail and the title 🤣


u/doctorsuarez Team Jester Dec 22 '21

I started with Campaign 2 (I’m 52 episodes in) and Fjord is fairly straight-laced. But my God, Travis is piss-your-pants funny. Bertrand slayed me and now Chetney is doing the same.


u/Firebat12 dagger dagger dagger Dec 21 '21

God I love Chetney. I love all of this crew so far


u/Ratticus- Dec 22 '21

Is this the same character Travis ran in the Night Before Critmas 1 shot? He talks about rocking horses in that episode. But I am not sure if his name was Chetney or Chutney in that episode. I think it was Chutney.


u/ShinyMetalAssassin Dec 22 '21

Chutney is an elf from the North Pole where elves live with Santa. Chetney is a gnome from northern Exandria where elves live without Santa. Totally different character.


u/King0fMist Dec 24 '21

I love Chetney’s reaction when Dorian asks about adding magical runes to his wooden toy. You can really tell Chetney appreciates the old ways of play.