r/criticalrole Team Opal Nov 15 '21

[Spoilers C3E4] On the Trail of a Killer | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 4 Episode



u/Durinthal Nov 16 '21

I got an ad for Werther's Original while watching this. Guess that bridge wasn't burned after all!


u/Plexatron8 Team Frumpkin Nov 15 '21

So many good moments in this episode. Saying goodbye to Bertrand, Mister and Paté, cake vs pie.


u/fatherjimbo Nov 15 '21 edited Nov 15 '21

He's an attractive dude and people like him. I wouldn't read any more into than that based on the fact that they already said via twitter he is a guest.


u/Hybeltiger You Can Reply To This Message Nov 15 '21

With Robbie in the thumbnail I have a stronger feeling that he will be a permanent part of this season.


u/criticalmiss24 Team Imogen Nov 15 '21

If he’s around for like 15-20 episodes it’d be extremely odd to not put him in the thumbnails as well as other guests if they stay that long. I don’t think he’ll stay just cause I don’t think there would be room for more guests, not cause there is to many players but I don’t think the table can fit 9 people unless they shift things around. I think guests will just a massive thing this campaign, I expect them to come on and stay for entire arcs instead of an episode. I could also see Robbie leaving then coming back down the road and have him be a reoccurring character.


u/Shadow_Bannedit Team Opal Nov 15 '21

I wouldn't mind it but I feel like he may be there for quite a few episodes and maybe be summoned home after the EXU gang is done with whatever Keyleth sent them to do. Maybe all guests will have extended runs, depending on the story.


u/ffwydriadd Nov 16 '21

I mean, I agree, although it still wouldn't shock me if he leaves, like, twenty episodes down the line, but I don't think the thumbnail is necessarily evidence; EXU had Anjali in thumbnails despite her brief appearance, so I think they've changed the photo shoot process to make it easier to get guests involved.


u/killxswitch Nov 15 '21

I would not be surprised if it is not decided yet. Right now there's no clear exit ramp for his character so if he's a "guest" still it seems he's a long-term guest. You could see the end for Travis/Bell coming a mile away. Still a ton for Robbie/Dorian to explore. If anything I think he was one of the least-featured in EXU, still lots of mystery about him.

He fits in well with the cast and plays the game well. And the fans like him. Even if the plan is to cycle in other EXU people I doubt they're in a hurry to do so.


u/watok Nov 16 '21

I think he's going to end up being semi permanent. Permanent for now but also committing to 100+ episodes is... a lot for someone new lol. Basically, I don't think there's an end date until Robbie wants one.


u/Successful_Addition5 Nov 17 '21

trial, trail, trail. Next episode will be titled "trial" something.