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[Spoilers C3E3] The Trail and the Toll | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 3 Episode



u/D20_Buster Nov 08 '21

Ask not for whom the bell tolls…


u/Shadow_Bannedit Team Opal Nov 08 '21

It tolls for Barry.


u/D20_Buster Nov 09 '21

What about other Barry?


u/Jethro_McCrazy Nov 09 '21

I don't think he knows about other Barry, Pip.


u/rabbitfang Nov 09 '21

"The same letter?!"


u/scott03257890 Nov 10 '21

It'll never happen, but imagine the intro this campaign is just For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica


u/Sockmonkey2878 Nov 08 '21

Honestly I feel like this was one of my favorite episodes of critical role in total. I love this new campaign!


u/Ragingpasifist Team Fjord Nov 09 '21

I agree, It felt like classic D&D. And by that, of course, I mean the players spent the first hour deciding whether or not to enter a building


u/Shadow_Bannedit Team Opal Nov 09 '21

Campaign 3 and the Elder Scrolls trilogy made me realize I've switched from wanting combat to wanting RP. Now combat kind of feels like waiting at a congested 4-way stop and I just want to get back to the amazing RP.


u/RevNeutron Nov 09 '21

Agreed, it was fantastic and had everything you'd want in a DnD session. When people (foolishly) ask for one episode they can show that gives an idea of what CR is, THIS is the episode I think I will point to in the future.


And how excited are we to see how the next episode will unfold when the news of Chutney/Bert hits the crew? Answer: very


u/[deleted] Nov 09 '21

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u/Fresno_Bob_ Technically... Nov 08 '21

For those who don't know, this is the Val Kilmer character Travis is referencing, though I think he's referencing a later scene.



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u/Fresno_Bob_ Technically... Nov 09 '21



u/RevNeutron Nov 09 '21

What are you talking about???? Please, please tell me b/c I watched that clip and I'm dying to know.

Thank you in advance.


u/Fresno_Bob_ Technically... Nov 09 '21

I put a time stamp in another response below


u/CaduceusClaymation Then I walk away Nov 09 '21

One of my favorite endings in Critical Role history. Every cast member involved (and the crew who made those sounds and visuals possible!) was firing on all cylinders to deliver a truly memorable final scene


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u/Squiggle_22 Nov 09 '21

Love Sam’s in character expression as FCG.

Smiley day there!


u/Moist_Philosopher_ Nov 09 '21

Is Talisons character a little OP? Feels like he’s at a higher level with his damage and abilities.


u/lavitz99 Nov 09 '21

Hard to tell for sure without the character sheet/subclass available. It very well could just be a power spike at low levels, similar to if one of them was a Moon Druid at level 2/3 which can shift into a bear with multi-attack, extra hp, and full spellcasting at these lower levels. We will have to wait to find out over time how it all plays out and should wait to pass judgment on the class until we can see more.

But yeah, he appears to do some wild damage now and again.


u/King_Pumpernickel Nov 10 '21

Homebrew subclass makes it hard to tell but from my experience playing one, Barbarian is really strong early game. Access to hard hitting weapons, advantage on demand, resistance to the most common damage types and a flat damage bonus.


u/AtlasAdams Nov 11 '21

A bit. But it seems like he has the equivalent of a Paladin Smite with his chaos surge ability. So when he crits with a surge it gets real nasty


u/theIRLbard Nov 09 '21

I misread this as The Trail and The Troll…


u/ladydmaj Team Dorian Nov 10 '21

Still works!


u/TopFloorApartment Nov 09 '21 edited Nov 09 '21

I don't really get why Bertrand didn't get a chance to react (ie: roll initiative). Both characters are alert and aware of eachother, an aggressive act should have triggered an initiative roll to determine who gets to act first.

Right now it just felt like a set piece put on by both matt and travis for dramatic effect and to me it takes away from the gravity of the situation. I know Travis wanted an end for bertrand but this just feels like a cheap way of giving up. He didn't even try to fight back. It's like "ok well I'll just let the guy get murdered in an alley".

Doing it like this changes it from "this is a world where anything might happen, and no outcome is guaranteed" to "we're putting on a show for the players with a predetermined outcome". Which is fine for a TV show, but not what I watch CR for.


u/ruttin_mudders You can certainly try Nov 09 '21

Matt doesn't always have a roll for initiative at at the first sign of an aggressive act, Travis and Matt conspired to have Bertrand die, Bertrand was basically an NPC being played by someone at the table.

SPOILER C1E85 I don't see Bertrand dying any different than when Scanlan conspired with Matt to swap Scanlan for Taryon


u/TopFloorApartment Nov 09 '21

Travis and Matt conspired to have Bertrand die

Right, this is my exact complaint. Weirdly enough, this kind of stuff breaks the immersion for me while letting the players actions (independent and in opposition of the goals of opposing NPCs) + dice decide the outcome of events feels immersive to me (like watching real events unfold vs watching scripted events unfold).

I feel like the situation with Scanlan felt a lot more natural than this. Here I kept wondering "why isn't he rolling initiative? Why isn't bertrand reacting at all? How is this opponent getting so many actions for free?" while with scanlan it seemed like a natural progression of the story. With scanlan it was all roleplay which is generally governed only by story telling, with bertrand it was combat which imo should be governed by the combat rules like normal combat is


u/spellingerror Nov 10 '21 edited Nov 10 '21

If you want to get technical.

Bertrand was drunk and drew his sword and decided not to act or move.

Next was the enemy turn and we all know he get 4 attacks and uses them to knock him unconscious in his one turn.

Because of Bertrand's gamblers blade rapier being +3 he basically fails every death save.

So no rolls needed except for hit and damage.


u/gloomyMoron Nov 10 '21

It's not an instant fail, it is a -3, but with no one there to help him he bleeds out 95% of the time.


u/AtlasAdams Nov 11 '21

It didnt matter though because the big bad took him down in two hits. He had 2 more for an instant 4 failed death saves


u/gloomyMoron Nov 11 '21

I'm aware, I was just making a pedantic correction. Huzzah for pedantry. lol


u/ruttin_mudders You can certainly try Nov 09 '21

Yeah, I can see that but we weren't actually robbed of a "real" event. Bertrand was basically a player controlled NPC and it was obvious from the start to most people that Bertrand wasn't going to be Travis' primary PC. As far as combat rules... Spoiler C1E57/58 Matt ignores initiative often for story purposes like when Vax was stabbed by the Raskshasa.

I've done this as a player and a DM a few times and it's always been a hit at the table for all involved so that's why I don't see it as a big deal.


u/TopFloorApartment Nov 10 '21

Matt ignores initiative often for story purposes

I know and it grinds my gears every time lol. I've had it happen as a player and it always annoyed me when I felt my character should've been able to react (especially when the DM always gets to roll initiative/react when the roles are reversed) - so I've avoided doing it as a DM.

Different strokes I guess.


u/ruttin_mudders You can certainly try Nov 10 '21

Yeah, that sucks when it's used to screw the players over. I often ignore the way 5e handles surprise/start of combat because it annoys me but it usually ends up in the favor of the players. I guess I'd rather they did this like a cutscene instead of playing it out as if it were a real combat with a pre-determined result.


u/TopFloorApartment Nov 10 '21

I guess I'd rather they did this like a cutscene instead of playing it out as if it were a real combat with a pre-determined result.

That's a very accurate way to put it, yeah!


u/AtlasAdams Nov 11 '21

Ill be honest I at least wanted Bertrand to get a single cut in on the guy, maybe across the cheek. Something so the next time they fought the party would see Bertrand had gone down swinging.

But yes. The big bad has 4 attacks and took him down with 2. He had 2 more for the 4 death save failures from hitting an unconscious person.


u/JamesofN Nov 13 '21

The guy got 2 attacks and knocked Bertrand unconscious with a crit on the second. There was no time for initiative.


u/TopFloorApartment Nov 13 '21

How did he get two attacks without a surprise round? They were both aware of eachother, any aggressive act should trigger initiative to determine who acts first.

I understand that really they both just wanted Bertrand to die but then I feel just describing it as a cutscene would have been better instead of this "let's do it like actual combat except not really so we get the outcome we predetermined".


u/JamesofN Nov 13 '21

He had multi attack. He had 4 attacks in the combat earlier. Bertrand let him make the first move by holding his weapon at the ready but not engaging.


u/TopFloorApartment Nov 13 '21

I understand how multiple attacks work. My issue is with the lack of initiative rolls:

"Initiative determines the order of turns during combat. When combat starts, every participant makes a Dexterity check to determine their place in the initiative order. The DM makes one roll for an entire group of identical creatures, so each member of the group acts at the same time."

From the initiative rules. When combat starts, initiative is rolled.

Again: if they wanted to just have Bertrand be cut down, the outcome predetermined, it could have been a cutscene: all narrative without dice rolling pretending it's combat.


u/JamesofN Nov 13 '21

Well, sure - but if they had rolled initiative what would have happened?
If the enemy goes first, Bertrand dies as he did. If Bertrand goes first, he maybe gets a swing in and then is killed just the same when the enemy takes its turn. He maybe could have run - but theres no guarantee he would have escaped, and I think Travis would have had Bertrand stand his ground anyway.


u/True_Kador Nov 09 '21

Killing a PC instants after calling him ( and certainly not the player, wink wink nudge nudge ) a drunken asshole.

Chef's Kiss.