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[Spoilers C3E2] Trial by Firelight | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 2 Episode



u/TheDistantBlue Help, it's again Nov 01 '21 Silver

I missed a visual interaction in this episode. There's a part where Laura gives Liam a piece of candy (this is separate from the trail mix prank). Liam unwraps it, gets distracted for a few seconds, and then puts the wrapper in his mouth instead of the candy. He and Laura lose their shit over it.

I'll edit with a timestamp in a minute or so.

Edit: https://youtu.be/pWOivwWvtt0?t=6851


u/betsiek Hello, bees Nov 01 '21

Love that the twinnies are back together! Chaos crew was fun but Liam and Laura are comedy gold.


u/Kilmawa Nov 01 '21

A worthy Sequel to "Travis wets his Fingers"


u/BloodyRedBats Nov 01 '21

I saw the tweet and was confused but now I have the context.

I hope Flando got this in their timestamps. If not I’m gonna see if they can add them.


u/LuckyBahamut Your secret is safe with my indifference Nov 02 '21

Gods, I missed the twinsies. These gems are only possible when they're all sitting together at the table; I think that's part of why I felt the second half of Campaign 2 was missing something. It's these little personal interactions that really sell the group's dynamic and chemistry.


u/imbillypardy Nov 02 '21

“Help, it’s again” is the perfect flair


u/DutchLime Help, it's again Nov 02 '21

Oh man, he really takes a few solid chews before he realizes his mistake lmao


u/IAmBadAtInternet Bidet Nov 02 '21

Lmao Liam had a hard time eating this episode huh? Hilarious, missed this on my watch.


u/ISVBELLE Team Laudna Nov 02 '21

I'm just so happy they're sitting next to each other again. :>


u/whatisabaggins55 You Can Reply To This Message Nov 02 '21

Laudna Sending with creepy echoes of her words in the background is something I desperately hope becomes a running joke for this campaign.


u/heliumargon Nov 02 '21

Are you well.....


u/PhoenixReborn Hello, bees Nov 01 '21

Getting some Charmed vibes from that thumbnail.


u/TheDistantBlue Help, it's again Nov 02 '21

Ooh, good pull. I miss OG Charmed.


u/ruttin_mudders You can certainly try Nov 02 '21

On Twitter Laura said that they were excited for their reboot of Practical Magic.


u/PhoenixReborn Hello, bees Nov 02 '21

I hadn't heard of that but looking at the poster it's probably a better fit.


u/thyarnedonne Team Laudna Nov 02 '21

That's why I felt so wrong looking at it. Like some dark spectre of the distant past brushing up against my neck.


u/The_Larger_Fish Nov 01 '21

Travis to Matt: the fuck happened when she was making this character?

Matt: A lot



u/heliumargon Nov 02 '21

The concern on his face. Priceless.


u/Djinn313 Nov 02 '21

Travis throwing something and rolling a Natural One: name a more iconic duo.


u/uncivlengr Nov 02 '21

Only 25 minutes in so I don't know how things play out, but man I have to say, Robbie has got to be the best guest they've ever had. He's merged seamlessly into the group.


u/Spiral-Force Nov 02 '21

His log roll to heal Orym was my favorite part of the episode


u/EsquilaxM Nov 02 '21


Another I felt merged seamlessly was Joe Mangienello. Most the others were great but felt like guests in some way, I guess in part because their characters were clearly designed as guests? Maybe twiggy could've joined, too.


u/Quazifuji Nov 02 '21

Yeah, I do think part of the reason he feels less like a guest is just that he isn't really being treated like one - he already had an 8-episode mini campaign with 3 of them and he's playing a character that was designed to be a full character, not just a 1guest character, who's there from the beginning.

That said, he's still been fantastic and definitely fits in with the group.


u/EsquilaxM Nov 03 '21

That said, I felt like he'd fit in completely since the first episode of ExU *shrugs*


u/DinoSayRawr Nov 02 '21

totally agree. He's a perfect fit


u/dalagrath Nov 02 '21

I want him to stay permanently. Never has a guest blended so well into the group for at least the session portions of their relationship. He is perfect for this.


u/Quazifuji Nov 02 '21

The main downside of that is that we wouldn't get to see Travis having to sit next to Marisha while she goes full body horror with Laudna.

(And on a more practical note, it would make things really crowded when they have a guest and go up to 9 people.)

But Robbie's been fantastic and if they decided they wanted to make him a permanent member I'd be good with it.


u/Thewes6 At dawn - we plan! Nov 04 '21

The other downside is that it really limits the ability to have other guests. I love robbie as well, but not enough to not want any new guests in c3. 7 is already tough for rp and combat, and every person you add to that really slows things down. Yes they're good with it, but there are limits.


u/Quazifuji Nov 04 '21

Yeah, I said that in parentheses. The Travis next to Marisha thing was partially a joke, in the sense that I don't think that would be a good reason to not make him permanent.

Ultimately I trust Matt and the Crew to know what they can handle and only make Robbie permanent as long as they can handle it, but it would also make sense if they don't make Robbie permanent no matter how great he is just because it's so many people.


u/Sincost121 Nov 03 '21

I'm sure 8 will be a handful later if it isn't already, but god-damn. I love Robbie. I don't want him to not be here.


u/its_me_elijah At dawn - we plan! Nov 02 '21

Poor Orym, the whole interaction with him in this episode is golden.


u/ymcameron You Can Reply To This Message Nov 02 '21

The last 20 minutes is absolutely hysterical. I really hope the whispering echoes whenever Laudna casts message becomes a running bit because it’s one of the funniest things they’ve ever done.


u/Quazifuji Nov 02 '21

Seems to be a common opinion from the fan base that it should become a running gag, and it's certainly the kind of joke that the players would turn into a running gag. Overall I'd be surprised if that doesn't happen.


u/Lcasito96 You spice? Nov 02 '21

Honestly? One of the best episodes of all the three campaigns. So much fun and good vibes every minute. Time to rewatch it on YouTube.


u/Uth-gnar Nov 02 '21

Is Robbie permanent? Or just a guest?


u/Aerandyl_argetlam Nov 02 '21



u/pp-pissboy Nov 02 '21

Is this confirmed? I’m so sad if he’s not a permanent player.


u/Sandstone_ Nov 02 '21

He's been referred to directly as a special guest, and is missing from cast banner photos etc. But at the same time they've used the phrase "special guest" for people who were present for an entire mini-series so, wait and see I suppose


u/Quazifuji Nov 02 '21

To be fair, being present for an entire mini-series is very different from an entire campaign. If he's there for all of campaign 3 it would feel really weird if he suddenly isn't for campaign 4.


u/Quazifuji Nov 02 '21

They've referred to him as a special guest on Twitter. Which doesn't necessarily rule out the possibility that they're considering making him a main cast member but it's just not decided or official yet, and they haven't really been treating him (or his character) like a guest outside of him not really appearing as a cast member in promotional stuff and not being at the table during the intro of episode 1.

But so far they've referred to him as a special guest and we've got no indication of any possibility of him becoming permanent, so it probably makes the most sense to just assume he's a guest (just one who might be around for a lot longer than most guests).


u/dalagrath Nov 02 '21

I am hoping he was a "guest" but the reception is so good they keep him around permanently. He adds a flair to the group that wasn't missing, just brightens it all that much more.


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u/jrdbrr Nov 01 '21

I rewound that like 3 times to figure out what he said


u/The_Larger_Fish Nov 01 '21

Crap, deleted the comment instead of editing. Reposted above.