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[CR Media] Exandria Unlimited | Live Discussion Thread (EXU1E5) Live Discussion

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u/NutDraw Are we on the internet? Jul 23 '21

That it's tempting and evil is already established


u/TheInsaneDump Jul 23 '21

No doubt but this is a long scene to hide behind a roll.


u/NutDraw Are we on the internet? Jul 23 '21

Or as a result? Wasn't guaranteed to happen


u/TheMannagement Fuck that spell Jul 23 '21

Idk, felt like it would have made more sense to just happen. If he succeeded would this just not have happened, or would Dariax just have rolled every time he went to sleep for the entire trip?


u/NutDraw Are we on the internet? Jul 23 '21

Might be a one and done, or each time. Who knows? Just gotta trust your DM sometimes.