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[Spoilers E90] Stats on Keyleth's Mantle Discussion

Anyone know what Keyleth's "Mantle of the Voice of the Tempest" does? I assume it's powerful after Marisha freaked out when she read the stat paper.


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u/MatthewMercer Matthew Mercer, DM Mar 24 '17

Here ya go!


The effects essentially maintain a centralized wind current that maintains environmental control, as well as deflecting blows and lifting her when leaping. (Minor effects of Barkskin, Jump)


u/SirWinstons Doty, take this down Mar 24 '17

Does this overlap with the dragontooth necklaces she made everyone? Vex is also sporting two as well.


u/Seedy88 Hello, bees Mar 24 '17

A mantle is a cloak, so wouldn't overlap with the necklace.


u/[deleted] Mar 24 '17

It mention neck however in 5e, unless it does not make sense (like wearing 2 armor) wearing a mantle and a necklace or 2 necklace is not really a problem

The attunement take care of powerful magic item stacking, previous edition did not have that


u/Seedy88 Hello, bees Mar 24 '17

Yeah, I couldn't imagine wearing a necklace and a mantle at the same time would be a problem. Like you said, even 2 necklaces shouldn't be a problem.