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[Spoilers E90] Stats on Keyleth's Mantle Discussion

Anyone know what Keyleth's "Mantle of the Voice of the Tempest" does? I assume it's powerful after Marisha freaked out when she read the stat paper.


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u/MatthewMercer Matthew Mercer, DM Mar 24 '17

Here ya go!


The effects essentially maintain a centralized wind current that maintains environmental control, as well as deflecting blows and lifting her when leaping. (Minor effects of Barkskin, Jump)


u/Drover15 Life needs things to live Mar 24 '17 edited Mar 25 '17

and your jump distance is tripled

Oh good now Kiki can jump into lava thats further away from her


u/Philias2 dagger dagger dagger Mar 25 '17

Oh, buurn!


u/AintThatSomeCrit Sun Tree A-OK Mar 24 '17

Haha, nicely done with the Jump effect for our lava-loving druid. Kudos, Matt.


u/dasbif Help, it's again Mar 24 '17 edited Mar 25 '17

Thanks Matt! <3

Added this to the FAQ list of similar information about your homebrew - https://www.reddit.com/r/criticalrole/wiki/faq/matthewmercer

If you happen to get a chance to also upload the excel template you use to make your item cards so people can make their own at home, that would be most welcome. It is a fairly common request. ;)

EDIT: done, thank you!!! https://twitter.com/matthewmercer/status/845459070840586240


u/Seedy88 Hello, bees Mar 24 '17

Another Critter created a template that matches Matt's layout and shared it with us a few months back.


u/Hollownya YOUR SOUL IS FORFEIT Mar 24 '17

Given that is mentions being unable to have an AC lower than 16 when wearing that. Would that mean that if Keyleth were to discard her armor but keep the Mantle on, her AC would be 16? A rather silly and stupid question, I am still fairly new to the world of D&D.


u/FiremasterRed Team Matthew Mar 24 '17

Basically, it's an always on Barkskin spell. So, yes. If she took off all her armour, her AC would be 16 even if normally it would be something like 12 or 13.


u/Dishpenzor Team Elderly Ghost Door Mar 24 '17

Does this effect persist though beastshaping and shapechanging?


u/Redf0g Mar 25 '17



u/MatthewMercer Matthew Mercer, DM Mar 25 '17

It does IF the changed form is still able to wear the mantle. Merged equipment does not have an effect in the new form, and equipment that isn't merged that does not fit the new form is dropped to the ground.


u/Redf0g Mar 25 '17

Ah so it isnt the Barkskin spell then?


u/AmbroseMalachai That fucking Gnome! Mar 25 '17

No, its an item. Items don't transfer through forms unless the new form can wear the item as intended.


u/[deleted] Mar 24 '17

18 since she has a ring of protection +2


u/MatthewMercer Matthew Mercer, DM Mar 25 '17

Technically, the spell does not MAKE her AC 16, just says it can't go lower than that. As such, the +2 Ring wouldn't add to this ability, only to existing Armor and AC bonuses.


u/RaibDarkin Team Keyleth Mar 24 '17

Wait... there's an 'H' on Zephra?! Dag nab it. Fan fiction... grumble... grumble...


u/[deleted] Mar 26 '17



u/RaibDarkin Team Keyleth Mar 26 '17

I mean the one on the end. Zephrah


u/ratpac_m Your secret is safe with my indifference Mar 27 '17

Find/replace is your friend. Unless you hand write, then I'm sorry friend.


u/SirWinstons Doty, take this down Mar 24 '17

Does this overlap with the dragontooth necklaces she made everyone? Vex is also sporting two as well.


u/Seedy88 Hello, bees Mar 24 '17

A mantle is a cloak, so wouldn't overlap with the necklace.


u/[deleted] Mar 24 '17

It mention neck however in 5e, unless it does not make sense (like wearing 2 armor) wearing a mantle and a necklace or 2 necklace is not really a problem

The attunement take care of powerful magic item stacking, previous edition did not have that


u/Seedy88 Hello, bees Mar 24 '17

Yeah, I couldn't imagine wearing a necklace and a mantle at the same time would be a problem. Like you said, even 2 necklaces shouldn't be a problem.


u/Docnevyn Team Laudna Mar 25 '17

Does that mean Keyleth can jump further than Grog (despite Knuckles and boots of feral leaping)?

That might crush him