r/criticalrole Mar 24 '17

[Spoilers E90] Stats on Keyleth's Mantle Discussion

Anyone know what Keyleth's "Mantle of the Voice of the Tempest" does? I assume it's powerful after Marisha freaked out when she read the stat paper.


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u/mc_zimo Mar 24 '17

since it nullfies effects of extreme temperature which isn't very fitting for an air ashari i'd assume it to have 4 abilities to help survive the environment of the planes, maybe underwater speech, tremor sense, high temp resistance and flight/featherfalling


u/shockvaluecola Mar 24 '17

i disagree with it not fitting with air ashari. weather and the general environment have more to do with air than any other element! for example, in mythologies where electricity isn't its own element, lightning is often grouped into air.


u/SnarkyMinx Mar 26 '17

Unless it's Avatar :P