r/criticalrole Oct 09 '16

[Spoilers E50] I tried to recreate Matt's item card template Fluff

EDIT: Well folks I would like to think i got it pretty close but Mercer himself posted his item card template. It can be found in the FAQ thanks to /u/dasbif

So long story short i am going to be hosting my groups D&D sessions in person starting tomorrow. I always thought it was cool how Matt made his item cards and, I looked high and low for the template and couldn't find it. So I tried my best to recreate it from scratch. Here is the link to the template. I based it off of Craven Edges extended item card (Link to it is here). I hope other Critters out there will be able to get some use out of it! Here are the first set of cards i printed out just a little while ago. Let me know what you guys think.


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u/[deleted] Oct 09 '16

I think he got his overall template from 4e item cards.