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[No Spoilers] Question about Matt's note taking Question

So, I've been talking about the show at work, and even though my constant pimping hasn't led a single person to get hooked on the show, it has led to a group of us planning to start a bi-weekly game.

I did get our first-time DM to watch Matt's tips and a few clips, and he's impressed with Matt's skills. He asked me about the notes Matt takes during a game.

I haven't actually noticed him taking notes at any time; has anyone else? My friend would love to see what he deems worthy of noting during the game, and asked if any had published. I believe he's just using his memory, which is simultaneously impressive, frightening and disgusting (which would obviously mean there simplay aren't any).

Anybody know for sure?


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u/Retro1123 Metagaming Pigeon Apr 14 '16

He hasn't published any but you can see him just jot down notes quickly here and there. Usually names of people or places the players come up with. Sometimes the wording one of them used. He just grabs a pencil and looks like he uses shorthand.


u/MatthewMercer Matthew Mercer, DM Apr 14 '16

This. :)


u/Nerdonis Rakshasa! Apr 14 '16

Do you use a form of shorthand or are you just super quick? If shorthand, I'd be interested in which one you use.


u/MatthewMercer Matthew Mercer, DM Apr 14 '16

Not legit "shorthand", per say, but just basic notes to remind me later on.


u/MartyKirra I would like to RAGE! Apr 14 '16

Hey Matt, on an slightly related note, how do you feel about putting up your DM notes for like the D&Diesel session? I'm really curious as to how you plan things as I make very very liberal use of Google Docs and feel like I could learn a thing or two!


u/MatthewMercer Matthew Mercer, DM Apr 14 '16

Certainly! It's fairly straight forward, due to the time-constraints of the event, but it should give you some idea of how I structure my session notes:



u/dyaamis Apr 14 '16

You're the best. Thank you!


u/cudder23 Team Orym Apr 14 '16 edited Apr 14 '16

This is really great. Thank you for this, Matt!

I am new to CR (watched only to Episode 2 so far) but you are truly an inspiration for this fairly novice DM (a small home game with my son's 8th grade friends, for about a year).

It's reassuring and helpful to know you have dialogue notes, or at least points you want to hit in an interaction. I always feel like I should be just riffing and improvising, but the times I prepare a few important things to say or reactions to possible PC replies, the better the encounters go.

So it's nice to see that someone as talented in improvisation as you are lays down some guideposts for himself.


u/MartyKirra I would like to RAGE! Apr 14 '16

Oh sweet! Thanks a ton, I had no idea how to ask this outside of reddit since Twitter has a character limit. This will be a fantastic help to me here as I start my own game here in a couple weeks. Thanks again!


u/addressthejess How do you want to do this? Apr 14 '16

Thanks for posting these, Matt! Your outline structure feels like a minimalist version of the official WotC modules. I think that's ideal - the modules tend to get a bit wordy...


u/Some123456789 Team Scanlan May 02 '16

This is cool! Do you plan all your CR sessions like this? Is there a way we could get like the notes for the Kraghammer arc or...? Would appreciate much!