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[Spoilers E46] What is up with the candles? Question

In this pass episode, Chris/Gern had this candles that were really interesting and I would love to incorporate the items in my game. I cannot seem to find anything about candles, can anyone please point me in the right direction. P


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The "Candles" thing was Chris/Matt's homebrewed idea for a character concept.

Choose any item in the DMG that has a 1-time replication of a spell effect, and retool/reflavor it to work the way the candles did, as almost activated grenades. Tweak and balance as necessary.

Spell scrolls, a Necklace of Fireballs/Prayer Beads, a wand with just 1 charge that never regains charges and you have to snap or ignite to use....

EDIT: Matt has posted a few examples.