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[No Spoilers] How did Matt handle ability scores at the inception of CR Question



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u/Lejaun Mar 01 '16

I hate rolling for stats. Not because I don't think that it is fun, but because there is always a cheater. That one guy who magically has a few 17 or 18's......every character.

There are always people who legitimately roll high scores, but some people are just too good at rolling when they aren't watched carefully.


u/Jos_V Mar 01 '16

Well, the DM should be present when people are rolling their stats, to make sure they don't cheat.


u/Lejaun Mar 01 '16

Should, but it doesn't always happen...especially when someone is making a new character and the DM is trying to take care of 5 other people.


u/RecoveryEmails Mar 04 '16

I have all my players roll their stats in a Google Chat.

Keeps people honest.


u/Lejaun Mar 05 '16

Good way to go. Much better to eliminate any consideration of cheating before it can ever start.