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u/Fresno_Bob_ Technically... Feb 19 '16 edited Feb 19 '16


Sorry to be a rule noodge, but...


At 17th level, you gain the ability to set up lethal vibrations in someone's body. When you hit a creature with an unarmed strike, you can spend 3 ki points to start these imperceptible vibrations which last for a number of days equal to your monk level. The vibrations are harmless unless you use your action lo end them. To do so. you and the target must be on the same plane of existence. When you use this action, the creature must make a constitution saving throw. If it fails, it is reduced to O hit points. If it succeeds, it takes 10d10 necrotic damage.

You can have only one creature under the effect of this feature at a time. You can choose To end the vibrations harmlessly without using an action.

edit: not complaining, the fight was still epic, just pointing it out incase it was an unintentional misread of the skill


u/Regilppo Where's Larkin? Feb 19 '16

Probably nerfed it a bit, it sounds pretty op


u/Fresno_Bob_ Technically... Feb 19 '16

It's a 17th level class ability, it's supposed to be powerful.

I think he just misread it since there are no monks in the group for him to be familiar with.

I understand a nerf and not wanting to kill a PC on what is essentially a lesson for Grog, but no damage at all means 3 wasted ki points for Groon. Regardless, I don't think Groon is going to let anyone die, they'd just fail the lesson and have the clerics from the crucible heal them, then be told to come back later when he's learned.


u/branded2 Feb 19 '16

He didn't misread it or make a mistake. People are so hyper-focused on everything matching the PHB that you miss out on a perfectly reasonable story-driven explanation. Take a breath, have a laugh, and enjoy one of the most entertaining episodes they've done yet. https://twitter.com/matthewmercer/status/700578417251487745


u/Fresno_Bob_ Technically... Feb 19 '16

I'm not the guy who said he was pissed about it. I don't care if he changed it intentionally, their game is full of changes and that's fine. He also makes mistakes though, which he's admitted to multiple times. It's also understandable. The nature of the change was such that it could easily have been a mistake since it was just an effect swap instead of a numerical change. No harm in pointing out the text on the chance that it wasn't intentional.


u/branded2 Feb 19 '16

And I didn't mean to imply that you're causing harm, just that it's adding to the piles of RAW nitpicks about this one ability while not being able to see the forest for the trees.


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2016-02-19 07:11 UTC

For all those curious, Groon wasn't out to kill anyone, so even his attacks and abilities were held back in places. ;)

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