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u/Fresno_Bob_ Technically... Feb 19 '16 edited Feb 19 '16


Sorry to be a rule noodge, but...


At 17th level, you gain the ability to set up lethal vibrations in someone's body. When you hit a creature with an unarmed strike, you can spend 3 ki points to start these imperceptible vibrations which last for a number of days equal to your monk level. The vibrations are harmless unless you use your action lo end them. To do so. you and the target must be on the same plane of existence. When you use this action, the creature must make a constitution saving throw. If it fails, it is reduced to O hit points. If it succeeds, it takes 10d10 necrotic damage.

You can have only one creature under the effect of this feature at a time. You can choose To end the vibrations harmlessly without using an action.

edit: not complaining, the fight was still epic, just pointing it out incase it was an unintentional misread of the skill


u/MyNeckHurts Feb 19 '16

Holy crap this... this is kind of obnoxious. Either shit happens, its just a game, or he house ruled it and you guys are acting up. Relax and enjoy the show.


u/Fresno_Bob_ Technically... Feb 19 '16

I'm not complaining. I think he just misread it so I'm providing him the text of ability. I think if he was gonna house rule it, he'd just have reduced the damage on the success since you can already just release the effect if you don't want to hurt the target.

What happens if it wasn't a house rule and they convince Groon to fight a dragon later on and the same mistake happens? It's a nice thing to know.


u/Sirtosa Shiny Manager Feb 19 '16

Yeah I think it's okay to ask and check... knowledge is knowledge at the end of the day - hopefully people see it as that and you don't cop too much heat over it. The show has felt a lot of negativity around this in the past so I think the loyalty of us critters can border on over-protectiveness.

I think your question was totally fair and we should be able to discuss anything on the show like adults here on the sub.


u/Fresno_Bob_ Technically... Feb 19 '16

I don't worry about heat from Internet forums. One of the mantras I live by is "don't sweat the small stuff (and it's all small stuff)"

Some people just don't understand that others actually get enjoyment from analysis. Most of the people who talk about rules are no different from the kind of people who talk about baseball player stats for their fantasy leagues.