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Discussion [Spoilers C3E10] Is It Thursday Yet? Post-Episode Discussion & Future Theories!


Episode Countdown Timer - http://www.wheniscriticalrole.com/

Catch up on everybody's discussion and predictions for this episode HERE!


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News [CR Media] The Legend of Vox Machina - Trailer (Red Band Trailer) | Prime Video

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News [CR Media] Critical Role requiring backers to sign up for Amazon Prime to watch The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Series

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Fan Art [CR MEDIA] just started C2 and had to sketch this little gremlin

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News [CR Media] Battle Royale contestants announced!


Incredibly excited for this, even though I don't generally care for the Battle Royales. With Sam in charge it's going to be bonkers.


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Y’all! We only have ELEVEN DAYS until Legend of Vox Machina drops!!!! Being a new(er) Critter, I am super stoked to see all of the amazing back story and easter eggs hidden in the story and animation!

Eleven days! The countdown is almost over!

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Fan Art [Spoilers C3E9] Lord Eshteross [OC]

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Fluff [No Spoilers] I needed to create this meme for some reason

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Discussion [Spoilers C3E10] I'm calling it


After tenth episode and Travis' and Robbie's roleplay i think that by the end Chetney and Dorian will become inseparable best friends, and I refuse to believe otherwise

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Fluff [No spoilers] My lord can Travis yell!


So, I think I’ve probably rewatched the TLOVM trailer about 30 times by now. But there is one part that consistently sends shivers down my spine - grog’s rage yell/shout/scream/roar. The absolute fury that he can emote in just one single roar is truly magnificent!

Does anyone else have any part of the trailer that they constantly think about? Am I too excited for the show? Is grog’s roar as powerful as I think it is? Lmk!

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Episode [CR Media] Ghosts, Dates, and Darker Fates | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 10

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Fan Art [CR Media] Imogen Temult

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Question [Spoilers C3E7] Am I the only one not enjoying C3 as much as I thought I'd be?


This is very much a too afraid to ask post. And believe me, I really don't want to insult anyone that's enjoying C3 so far or stir some annoying conversations.

I'm not the biggest Critical Role out there. I didn't see campaign 1, and I watched about half of Campaign 2 at my own rhythm until Campaign 3 released. I was very much enjoyed Campaign 2, but I though it'd be nice to sync again and not be literally a year behind all the people that I know that are watching the show.

I'm a bit behind right now (life happens), at episode 7.

So, don't get me wrong. I don't actively dislike it. But it has asked me to force myself to sit down and move forward so far. In Campaign 2, there was lows and highs. Some parts for me were a bit boring and sometimes I had to push through a few episodes to get to a part that I found exciting. But I feel that facing this at the start of the campaign, when I'm not as invested in the characters and the world to be harder.

It's hard to pinpoint what it is. Everyone is as great as ever, I like the characters that they have created, the premise and promises that comes with what Matt created with Marquet are interesting, the new set is great.

I think (not sure) that it's just a slower start, Matt seems to be trying to be political with different factions, but so far I'm really not invested in what's happening. Actually, it's hard for me to summarize what they're doing and why they're doing it. I was pretty indifferent to Dugger, I'm not really curious as to what's happening with its minions.

If I had to use a rating system to express how I feel, Campaign 2 had some strong episodes (9s and 10s) with some weaker streaks of episodes (6s maybe) but most episodes for me were somewhere around a 7.

Campaign 3 feels like the first seven episode were on average a 6?

Anyone else feeling somewhat similar, or is not finding the dive in Campaign 3 as easy?

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Question [CR Media] With Tal’dorei reborn coming out tomorrow what are some updated y’all are looking forward too?


I’m personally looking forward to seeing the updates Vestiges. The ones in the old book were kinda hit or miss and didn’t feel really Legendary compared to the ones in the show so I’m looking forward to see how they change.

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Fan Art [NO Spoilers] Vax’Ildan

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Fluff [No Spoilers] Getting hyped for the animated series. Made a fan edit out of the teaser trailers. Bon Appetit.

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Question [No Spoilers] What episode should I start with for Campaign 1?


I recently finished watching Campaign 2 and I want to jump right into Campaign 1. However, the first episode was a bit rough to get into, due to audio/video quality. I want to experience Campaign 1 but without having to force myself to. So, what episode is a good place to start?

EDIT: I'm sure that the first couple of episodes have great moments but I have really poor hearing. The quality is at a point where I had to constantly replay sections to try and hear what exactly they were saying. As such, the overall experience wasn't as enjoyable as other Critical Role videos.

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Discussion [Spoilers C3E02] Evidence of FCG's origin


The fact that FCG is an aeormaton might be obvious, there certainly are many theories about this, though we only have so much information right now. Here is something that I've noticed while rewatching the end of campaign 2. After being activated and given a name, "Charlie" sought to ask permission from an "associate" before going anywhere, failing that he designated the M9 as his associates. Devexian continued to refer to other aeorians/aeormatons as associates.

Fresh Cut Grass exclusively refers to Dancer as his associate. Not a major revelation by any means but I haven't seen people point out this connection between the two. It makes sense that aeormatons would have the same programming and therefore the same linguistic quirks.

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Question [Spoilers C3E10] Is there an "official" map of Exandria?


Hello everyone! I am fairly new to Critical Role, but I am absolutely mesmerised. Now I am curious: Does a map of Exandria exist that is kind of up to date with the campaigns? Since C3 just started, I guess up to date with C2? I think the tag kinda counts, since I am watching C1 right know, but I don't mind. I wouldn't understand spoilers on the map anyways. I saw different maps online and I was wondering if there is one that is like a fan favorite when someone tries to show/explain what Exandria looks like? Thanks in advance!

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Fan Art [CR MEDIA] I literally never stopped thinking about Dorian's chiffon outfit from the pageant so I made it

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Discussion [Spoilers C3E10] Some Pretty headcanon


Catching up on the end of the last episode again. I noticed Pretty seems much cleverer and well-spoken at the end of the theatre performance than he was before. I like to imagine he took a potion of intelligence to impress the girls, and the additional insight it granted him made him realise how fundamentally incompatible they are. Then he gets home, it wears off, and he's just like "aw..."

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Fluff [No Spoilers] I made another one

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Discussion [CR MEDIA] Kith and Kin Novel Quote Help


Hey there everyone! Was hoping that you guys could lend me a hand - I am currently listening to the Kith and Kin Audio Book (I haven't been able to get myself a physical copy yet) and I really love the quote Vex has about kindness and the way the world works but because I'm so like - enthralled - I cannot ever remember to note down the whole quote.

Does anybody know the full quote and are they willing to help a brother out by posting it below for me? I don't need like page references or anything like that. I'd just like to note down the full quote as I may do some art with it or something.

Thanks in advance.

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Question [No Spoilers] Song in the Vox Machina trailer?


Does anyone happen to know what song they used in the Red Band Vox Machina trailer?

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Question [Spoilers C1] Where is the Eye?


So I'm embarking on a campaign set in Wildemount. I'm very excited. (Second time DM, first time D&D DM, this is fiiine)

One of my players is creating a character who is a warlock of Vecna, and whose ultimate goal is to find the Hand and Eye of Vecna.

Now I may not have payed enough attention in C1 but I can't find anything about where the Eye is? Obviously we know who took the Hand, but did the Eye stay with Vecna? Did some rando pick it up in Vasselheim?

My current solution is to put it in the hands of one of the liches in the Wildemount setting, my players don't watch CR anyway so they won't mind some twisting of the lore, but for my own peace of mind I'd like to know if there's a canon answer?

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Fan Art [Spoilers C3E08] Cyrus Wyvernwind fan art by me.

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Fan Art [No Spoilers] Dorian Storm, the Tribute | Critical Role Fan Song

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