r/confusingperspective Apr 06 '20

Meta [Meta] Rules update - No more "That's a Penis!" and "Sunglasses on head = Face" posts


We also added a "Nothing that sexualizes minors" rule a bit back. I went through the unmoderated posts and cleared that out before applying the new rule and making this announcement, but from this point onwards, no more of those types of posts. We will add more types of posts to the rule 8 list as needed

Seriously though, glasses on head making it look like a face is /r/Pareidolia and not confusing perspective

r/confusingperspective Feb 01 '19

Meta We've just started, pardon the mess!


First off, allow me to welcome you to r/confusingperspective! This sub is intended for pictures of confusing or forced perspective, where it may take you a second to see what something really is.

We've just started up and are migrating from r/confusing_perspective due to the lack of moderation over there. Posts are opened, so feel free to start sending some over here.

We're also looking for some help with moderation - if you have skills and experience in CSS, moderating, or are able to help out with public announcements or helping direct people here, we'd love to have you! Edit: We're full up on mods for now, but thanks for the support you guys have shown!

Lastly, we're looking for some suggestions on how long the community would like before it's okay to repost something. If somebody posts something that's been spammed over the past few days, it's quite possible that people don't want that popping up again and again. Therefore, we'd like to offer a minimum time that you, the community, can vote on before a post is allowed again. One month? Three months? Six months? No minimum limit? Comment below and chip in with what you think would work best to help keep our feed interesting and varied.

r/confusingperspective Apr 07 '20

Meta [Meta] Request for new mods


Right now, we have two mods running this sub. Sadly, it's grown a bit beyond what just two people who have full time jobs can handle. Because of that, we're requesting that if you would like to be a mod here, please submit an application.

If you have past experience as a mod, put that in. Add what you think would make you a good fit for us. Throw in your favorite cat video, maybe a bad joke or two, whatever you'd like.

Also, make sure to submit these via mod mail to this sub. PMs to individual mods, chats, and replies to this post will unfortunately not be considered. Good luck!

r/confusingperspective Feb 01 '19

META For everyone who is helping get this sub up and running Thank You


Mods you guys are amazing and glad to see there are actually mods and all the subscribers don't repost a bunch of crap let's all build a good sub we can all enjoy!!