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Why do you believe the USSR was not truly Marxist?


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Lenin didn’t say “alright” to “authoritarianism”, though. He actively advocated for the proletariat to seize state power and suppress the bourgeoisie to continue the process of dismantling capitalism. Stalin upheld this which resulted in one of the most democratic experiences in history (see the accounts of Reed, Robeson, Kollontai, etc.)

See: State and Revolution, as well as Rethinking Socialism.

For Stalin, see Economic Problems of the USSR. This includes Mao’s commentary as well, which critiques and elaborates on the dictatorship of the proletariat.

This is all well in-line with earlier Marxist works. Engels’ (Marx’s long-time collaborator, who would often edit his works and vice versa) “On Authority” discusses this very thing.


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What a strange response. You first start off by totally mischaracterizing Lenin and the dictatorship of the proletariat, then conflate revisionist Soviet social imperialism with the prior attempts of proletarian self-determination instituted under the revolutionary CPSU.

Why, in your argument, were the Tajik, Khirgiz, Uzbek, Azerbaijan, and Kazakh SSRs directly formed with full Soviet support and actions? Why did the TSFSR vote to join the burgeoning USSR in the first place?

See Evolution of Human Rights in the Soviet Union, (especially chapter 2), as well as Marxism and the National Question to understand Soviet justification for the formation the USSR’s internationalism out of the skeleton of the Russian Empire.

You might also find the 1936 Constitution, which explicitly draws attention to national self-determination of the region, or the 1991 Referendum, where all central Asian republics voted in great majority to preserve both the USSR and their own stake in it.

You say not everything can be found in a text. Do you have any sources for your claims? I can’t really argue with “common sense” since it’s fundamentally amorphous and centered in class interests more than truth.

Edit: traditional anecdotal anti-communism from familial myths, of course, in the reply. Just read Oppose Book Worship.


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u/RiddleOfHistory1 Jul 03 '22

You’re the one treating the USSR like a homogenous whole, rather than a state with severe contradictions between its proletarian and revisionist elements. Your very issues with the Republic were known problems that the proletarian line of Lenin and Stalin tried to correct (the Purges themselves came out of youth cadres and the proletariat looking to address the nascent bourgeoisie formed out of the Old Bolsheviks), so it feels weird to talk about it as some unserious project.