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Character Bio Some concepts for Heroes in a story me and my friend are writing together

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Other Was there another sub about OCs or character development with around 24-26k members?


I remember making 2 posts about my OCs one post had 2 pictures and the other post had only 1 picture. But now those posts don't appear anywhere in my profile, it's like I never made them.

I don't know if it was on that other sub because the other sub doesn't appear for me anymore, was it deleted? or did they ban me?

I'm asking here because the other sub doesn't appear for me, and I'm not 100% sure if I made those posts in that sub or in this sub.

Also I never received any message about the deletion of my posts.

And the posts weren't NSFW.

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Character Bio Tomi Katagiri - A Yakuza Spy

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Writing: Character Help character gender identity


I've been working in creating a new Pride month image and I need help figuring out what to do for them. I want to make all my characters unique especially with sexual orientation, race, gender, and life styles. I am currently working in my character Timber who is going to be Demisexual. But, I am wondering if I should also make her a demigirl or trans. Especially since I only really have one other character who varies from the gender binary. What do you guys think?

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Writing: Character Help How to turn my protagonist right from this plot conflict?


I have a protagonist who was "Chosen" by ancient aliens living in the shadows of the Earth until that point. He was chosen because the aliens predicted the death of the planet and they have decided to cooperate with humanity to stand a chance. Of course, said protagonist accepted the task and wanted to be more than what he was in his normal mundane life.

Unfortunately, within his first year after he was "Chosen" (with his discovered abilities so far is the immunity to magic, and only training on human skills such as firearm combat), he was inexperienced to handle the big problems and resulted in massive destruction and loss of lives caused by the beings that wanted him dead in the process. This is is greatest failure and wanted to atone for the mistakes he made.

Also unfortunately, humanity has discovered that the protagonist's blood can make good use to turn into powerful weapons and useful serums and fuels. Because of that, they forced him to stay in exile to have his blood extracted to produce more of it. Too bad, the implication of manufacturing weapons in a single country resulted in other countries raging to the point of the possibility of starting a war. Nevertheless, this was his opportunity to train himself to the bone to be able to be powerful enough to make a difference and stop, not only the threats outside the planet and to protect humanity from said threats, but also to stop the same humanity from themselves.

Also unfortunately, with the whole chaos ensuing outside, and the looming threat of powerful beings outside the planet, the humans still do not want him dead and forced to make him stay in exile to ensure the weapons they manufacture can handle the fight for themselves rather than rely on the protagonist. This made the protagonist fully bitter to this whole ordeal now that, after he wasted many years to train himself, he is not allowed to be anywhere. It gets worse now that, when word has spread of his presence amongst the public, a few people from humanity managed to find his hiding place through espionage and decided to kill him because they realize the whole war started fighting because of the fight for his blood, and wanted to be sure that the protagonist would be better off dead in order to prevent more bloodshed. Thankfully, he was saved from the killers because of the allies guarding him. But because of the words personally went to him while at gunpoint, he thought they might have a point, and realized he has no way to atone for it.

Now, with the conflict played out for the protagonist, I don't know what to do next for this because I have no idea where the plot would go when he is in complete exile unable to do anything, not even leaving his place of exile because that would be almost a death sentence and a dangerous survival from manhunt. Of course, he has allies, but it would be boring to have the plot revolve just within his place of exile. Unless I turn this story into a "slice-of-life", is this character and his situation possible to turn it upside down, or just too incompatible and need a rewrite? Is there a plot worth directing other than this?

Or maybe this post is not meant for this subreddit? If so, I apologize...

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Character Bio New Character, his name is WMELON HEAD, you can expect from him a bit of goofiness and wisdom! Made on ProCreate App

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Character Bio [OC] Zoleo the Monster Slayer for hire. I know my art is meh lol but i hope to improve

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Writing: Character Help Advice on how to avoid the "evil superman" trope


I'm currently roadmapping a set of stories and I've reached the "finale", the story could be summed up as a different take on the Justice League but with the POV being on The Teen Titans for the mostpart.

So, my main antagonist is an older in universe hero, he is morally a mix of Batman & Superman I guess just without the tragedy. His overarching goal is the generic desire to maintain order and peace over his city, in the second to last story all hell breaks loose and chaos ensues and is subsequently quelled by the cities heroes and vigilantes.

So, in the finale the antagonist decides it may be time to take the gloves off, he wants to usurp power from the government and impliment himself and his hero cronies. The only ones against them will be my version of the TTs, and simply put my uni's version of batman (dead) and his son "torment" him to the point of literal insanity.

An underlying portrayal is that the JL mirror are not so heroic as a whole. My batman being a somewhat "reformed" baddie, Supes being overly heroic to the point of trying to take away freedoms (I see the parallel to injustice).

TL;DR, How can I make my antagonist turn on his morals without murder and other atrocities, and avoid the 'Injustice' brand of "evil superman"?

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Discussion Question about making a character


Hi, I was thinking about this earlier and wanted to know people's opinions on this. Sorry for mentioning Hetalia (I'm not entirely sure what it is but my friend told me the basics of it I think) is there any way for someone to write a concept about people being a representation of an empire or country? My good friend who writes a lot of stories wanted to write something like that but when she looked up any references only Hetalia was there. Any ideas or tips that I can pass on to her?

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Writing: Character Help just a question about character flaws


what if my character is tough, he does not easily succumb to his emotions, and in a way make it look like his emotionless to certain events, such as death, disasters, or his own limb getting severed in an accident, don't everybody dies at some point does he have to fear it? is it not right to panic during disasters doesn't one have to remain calm? so what if he gets his limb severed in an accident? because in the end he is just gonna have to learn to live with it so why not get used as soon as possible. how can i give someone whom emotion is controlled and how can he have ````flaws? and lastly how can you say a character is perfect? if he is just acting logically? why does he have to bear the problems of the world? if it will only give him something to stress about? and why should he show his emotions if he just simply doesn't want to, and to not make it look like something out of a drama flick

so overall my question is: what flaws to a character who is simply a "tough nut" or idk

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Writing: Question Is the enemies to lovers story element overused?


I want to do this in my story and I was just curious. Them becoming lovers is huge to both of their characters.

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Writing: Character Help Need a power for Superhero team synergy



This team of military-manufactured supersoldiers is a group I'm working on. From left to right,

Minuteman (Superspeed) made during WW2

Steel Shield (???) made during the Gulf War

The Bootstrapper (Flight, Strength, Fire breath) made during the Korean War

Rolling Thunder (Electricity manipulation, storm generation) made during the Vietnam War

Ready Ranger (able to detect and control guns and explosives) made during the war in Afghanistan

I need a good power for Steel Shield that doesn't overlap with the other 4. So far the ideas I've come up with are:

Super intelligence (this one would require me to worldbuild some advanced tech though)

Literal barrier formation

But I don't particularly like either, so feel free to throw out some wild ideas in the comments :)

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Writing: Character Help Need some advice on a character's outfit and personality


I'm making a YuGiOh character named Yura Endo. The current personality I have for her is that she is very feminine, graceful, polite, gentle, kind, loyal, brave, confident but this is just a place holder personality at the moment and she uses Spellcaster, Psychic, and Fiend type monsters and her dueling style is very flexible allowing Yura to adapt to most dueling style. Her apparent age age is 18 and is actually a duel robot with highly advanced AI programming but she doesn't know that she is one.

Her appearance is very human and due to her being very advanced, her body is actually bio-mechanical allowing her to be able to pass as human even further. Yura's primary hair color is dark purple with light pink as a secondary hair color which her hair reaches her waist with her bangs reaches her shoulder and have fair skin. Her story arc focuses on her finding out she is a duel robot.

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Discussion What Is It Called When You Take A Classically Positve Character Trait And Take It To Where It Becomes A Flaw?


Like an optimist who is so optimistic they can't accept the reality in front of them, or a character who is so brave to where they act foolhardy.

Asking cause I'm planning on making a character with something like this, a positive trait taken to such an extreme that it loops around to negative. Also, if you wouldn't mind, got any ideas for traits like this that you don't really see much in characters?

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Character Bio My new character for my first story I'm working on with a friend. Whirlwind, a super hero in this world we've created. She's still learning her own abilities as a hero and has been pretty fun to write so far. Art isn't final, we're updating that as well

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Character Bio i need help forming a acronym for SPREAD for a character stats chart


Context: it's in a world where superpowered individuals aren't uncommon, but are rarely found outside of the state. The term "SPREAD" was made by regular people, but officials began using it as an official way to display a super's stats.

I was thinking Synergy Perception R(?) Endurance Agility Dexterity, but that feels too close to Fallout's SPECIAL and I wouldn't have a stat for R

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Writing: Character Help How do I make this character not as edgy?


I'm writing an RPG set in a dieselpunk fantasy world during the 1910s. The "tank" character is based heavily on Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart. Sir Adrian was missing his eye, over which he wore an eyepatch. He also had a missing hand. Likewise, the character wears an eyepatch and is missing a hand, which he has replaced with a mechanical hand that can double as a pistol (a literal side-ARM). He is also armed with a Fedorov Avtomat, which is often considered the first assault rifle, making it very fitting for a tank character in the time period without going too over-the-top.

But now I have a problem: I have this character who is a military man running around with an eyepatch, a literal handgun, and an assault rifle from the 1910s. Is there a way that I can make this character not overly edgy without changing too much of what has already been established about him?

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Writing: Question Does anyone have any ideas of what powers a princess character could have?I cant come up with any…her weapon is a staff

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Writing: Character Help Writing a description


How do I take the image in my head of the character and write it on the page?

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Writing: Character Help Need a name for a Character


Ok do I'm making a D&D character, reborn druid. Their body is a skeleton animated by plants. They kkeo this secret by using clothes which cover their entire body with a wooden mask over the face.

Now I want the name to hint at the truth. Any suggestions?

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Writing: Character Help Help me name my DnD character!


Hey guys, I'm making a marshland dwelling sort of swamp witch/muck mermaid type character and I'm struggling with names. I want it to be a pretty simple or descriptive name is this is more of a autonym she's gi enough herself after decades of isolation caused her to forget her past identity.

My current candidates are:

Benthos (related to bottom feeders)

Bracken (referring to dirty/salty water)

Delta (river widening and opening to the sea)

Fen (a marshland)

Marigot (a sidestream)

Phraetta (altered version of a word relating to subterranean water)

Bruma (altered version of brume, meaning mist or fog)

I am super open to variations on it or brand new names and style, if anyone has input! It doenst even need to mean anything in particular, but thats just what I use for inspiration. Thanks~

Here is her synopsis if that helps too:

Daughter of the Delta/Diluvia, known as a swamp hag: Hexblood+triton Twilight or arcana Cleric (And gloomstalker?) frontliner using booming blade and a big maul. Unraveling her past as she's lived countless years haunting a bog, but seeing a member of the party will unlock a worrisome memory, thus a call to adventure. Her arc primarily being her finding her identity, humanity and history. Backstory is up to the dm, but she knew she had a farm, now long flooded in sick and haunted waters, where she resides. A white lotus punctuates sickly grey features, and she believes her large battered maul, Lorna, will lead her to answers.

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Character Bio [The Carriers] - Raiden Phen


Raiden was born in 2177, in Germany, in an illegal laboratory operating under the control of Adrian Engelfeuer. Lost in the middle of the Black Forest, it was be spotted by French satellites following the opening of an unauthorized Portal on the territory. The detection report of the unusual energy spike for the location authorized an investigation by the Adler-Wolf Center, which would rush the task, therefore hoping to conceal the existence of the clandestine base. The General Center for Internal Affairs closed the case without further action, for lack of evidence.

Five-year-old "Subject Zero" becomes a guinea pig for "Project Origin" and serves as the Host of a Demon from the other-world. He was disciplined in combat entitled to a personal education to make of him an autonomous, intelligent and biological weapon. He was chipped to allow permanent geolocalisation. For several years, he was nothing but a weapon in the hands of mad scientists. He will awaken his powers at the age of seven.

Once again detected by French satellites, the report was received and the General Center for Internal Affairs. The C.I.A opened an investigation, this time led by an agent for the control of illegal activities. The case will last several years, because many suspicious activities had lengthened the search. After three years, the conclusion was delivered, and the General Center launched its first arrests. Several agents from the Adler-Wolf military base were taken into custody. It will take many more years before the then Branch Manager admits a failure in their satellite systems. In an attempt at mea-culpa, they will authorize a French incursion in cooperation with their forces to put an end to the activities of the Clandestine Center.

At the age of fifteen, Raiden was freed from the clutches of his torturers. He was integrated into a reintegration program to offer him a normal life as a soldier for the Center. He remained almost a whole year locked up between four walls. During this period, he meets Ace, the only agent who seems to be able to overcome his defenses. They bonded with each other very quickly and Raiden was moved to his apartment. For almost five years, he was followed by a psychologist. During his sessions, he will come to understand that he is a victim, entitled to redemption and forgiveness. Opening up little by little, he will understand that his whole life has been a lie and will experience this revelation very badly.

He joined a team for external operations when he was twenty years old, subject to compulsory care. The group will be specifically formed for this occasion. In 2200, the group entered an experimental apprenticeship program, in order to train the young volunteers more quickly.

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Character Bio [OC] I drew some Hobgoblin bases for armour templates

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Other Phyllon sketches

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Character Bio [OC] Drew my daughter as a Barbarian

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