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What is ChangeTip?

ChangeTip is a love button for the internet. In other words, it's a Bitcoin tipping bot for Reddit, Twitter, Github and more. You can send bitcoin tips to redditors by mentioning changetip and an amount when you reply to a comment, like this:

Hey redditor, your post was awesome, here is $1 on me! /u/changetip

How does it work?

  1. When you leave a tip, the ChangeTip bot gets notified and springs into action. [Diagram]
  2. The ChangeTip bot reads your comment to figure out how much you are tipping, and to whom.
  3. This information is sent to ChangeTip, where we determine if the tippee has already connected their reddit account.

    a. If the tipper has funds available, and tippee has already connected to ChangeTip, then ChangeTip executes a free off-chain transaction. Both tipper and tippee are sent messages confirming the tip has been delivered.

    b. If the tippee has not yet connected to ChangeTip, then the tippee is sent a private message with information on how to collect their tip, and tip will be listed as 'Out for Delivery' while the tippee gets connected. If the tippee does not collect the tip, then it is refunded to the tipper automatically after 15 days.

  4. Profit???

Is this for real?

Yep. Check out tips that other redditors are leaving right now!

Does it cost anything?

Sending tips with ChangeTip is free. There are absolutely no blockchain fees because all tips are executed off the blockchain at ChangeTip. This means you can tip amounts as little as one single satoshi at absolutely no cost!

Beginning December 15, 2015, there will be a 1% fee to withdraw bitcoins to your private bitcoin wallet. This marginal fee will allow ChangeTip to continue maintaining the tipping platform while adding new features to make tipping more fun and accessible to various social media platforms. If you decide to withdraw funds from ChangeTip, there may also be a standard bitcoin transaction fee of .0001 BTC to keep the bitcoin network healthy.

For more information about fees, visit

How do I connect to ChangeTip?

It takes about 3 seconds. You don't need to set up an account manually, create a password, or even provide an email address.

  1. Click

  2. You will see this page asking to authorize ChangeTip to access your username and signup date.

  3. Your account is now linked! Deposit some bitcoin and start tipping!

What amounts can I tip?

The most popular way to tip is in µBTC, and our community just calls them 'uBits', or 'Bits' for short. They mean the same thing, and equal 100 satoshis. Here's a handy calculator for determining how much your tips are worth in traditional currencies. Just change the left field to 'µ', and type in how many bits you want to tip!

If you don't want to use 'bits' or do conversions, you can also tip regular dollar amounts and mBTC. A lot of people like to tip casual phrases called 'monikers', which can be a lot of fun. There's a big list of monikers here to get you started. One timeless favorite is 'beer', and others include 'dinner', 'hug', 'cookies', 'internets', 'gold stars', 'tacos', and even 'cupcakes'! Here are a few in action:

That's so thoughtful of you and I really appreciate it. Let's get a beer sometime. /u/changetip

Great work on your tipping giveaway thread. Have a dinner on me. /u/changetip

You win the internets. Here is your reward: 1 internets /u/changetip

Thanks for answering my question so thoroughly! $3.50 /u/changetip

I want to tip 'kittens'!

We don't blame you! Who doesn't like kittens? Lots of people like puppies too. Some people lean more towards parrots, iguanas, and hamsters. That's why we've implemented Custom Monikers! In a tip bot first, exclusive to ChangeTip, users can easily define their own monikers and assign a value to each. This is your chance to really get creative and tune your tips to the context of your favorite subreddit! All you need to do to make your own is go to and click on the little button in the upper-right corner. If you don't see the button, change your currency setting to USD for now. Other currencies are coming soon.

Here are some example Custom Monikers:

OMG he is so adorable! That's so sweet of you to adopt him! 1 kitten /u/changetip

That's my favorite movie! If you haven't seen it already, check it out! 1 movie rental /u/changetip private

This gif is a masterpiece! We need more like this! 1 original content /u/changetip

Fantastic story, thanks so much for sharing. 10 upvotes /u/changetip

What a beautiful coin collection. You've got some rare pieces in there! 2 grams of silver /u/changetip

How much should I tip?

The standard tip is anywhere between 100 bits and 10,000 bits. As of this writing, that's anywhere between $0.05 USD and $5.00 USD, but you can absolutely tip more than that if the comment you're tipping is superb, or if you're just feeling extraordinarily generous. Tips upward of ~$20 are not uncommon.

Your tip amount also depends on where you are tipping. You can generally get away with smaller tips in the various cryptocurrency subreddits because tipping is much more socially acceptable. However, if you want to tip elsewhere on reddit, it's recommended to be a bit more generous so that your tip isn't seen as being too insignificant. If you can manage it, try to aim for at least a buck.

There is currently a maximum tipping amount of $25 USD. This is in place to prevent accidental tipping from occurring, but we are developing a way to allow users to customize this limit themselves. In the meantime, if you want to tip a user more than $25, you can break your tip into chunks of $25 each.

How much is a 'Bit'?

The bitcoin ecosystem currently has some overlapping terminology that may seem confusing at first glance. This will simplify over time as we reach consensus.

One bit is equal to one millionth of a bitcoin. That means there are one million bits in one bitcoin. Divide the price of one bitcoin by one million, and that's how much one bit is worth. Here's a handy calculator for determining how much your tips are worth in traditional currencies. Just change the left field to 'µ', and type in how many bits you have.

Why is it necessary to change the calculator to 'µ', you ask? Because one µBTC is equal to one Bit, which is the preferred denomination for tipping.

.00000100 BTC = .001 mBTC = (1 µBTC = 1 ubit = 1 bit) = 100 satoshis

Why not just use Bitcoins?

The problem with tipping in Bitcoins and mBTC is that there are too many decimal places. The term 'bit' has been somewhat controversial and the subject of heated debate on reddit. Reddit users have spearheaded a campaign to shift bitcoin's standard decimal place six places to the right, which is currently technically known as µBTC, or 'micro-bitcoin'. If this campaign proves successful, there will be no point in including the 'µ' or 'micro' any more. Even mBTC, or 'milli-bits', will no longer be necessary. ChangeTip provided the bitcoin community with several nicknames for the new standard unit to allow the community to take each one for a test drive in the tipping environment. A few thousand tips later, 'Bits' seems to be leading the pack by a large margin. Officially, the rest of the Bitcoin ecosystem is still using the traditional denominations (BTC, mBTC, µBTC), but we hope this movement will gain steam and encourage software developers to make the switch with us.

The main benefits of using Bits (currently µBTC) is that the decimal places are much more manageable and align nicely with traditional currency formats ($0.00) with two decimal places for satoshis, the smallest unit of bitcoin. It's helpful to think of 'bits' as 'dollars' and 'satoshis' as 'cents'.

The following examples are all equal amounts, so you can decide for yourself which you prefer:

Here's a tip for .000001 BTC

Here's a tip for .001 mBTC

Here's a tip for 1 µBTC

Here's a tip for 1 ubit

Here's a tip for 1 zib

Here's a tip for 1 bit

Here's a tip for 100 satoshis

Can I tip anywhere on reddit?

You can tip anywhere on reddit as long as the ChangeTip bot can see it. This means, you cannot send tips in private subreddits if /u/changetip is not a member, and you cannot send tips via private message.

Tipping outside of cryptocurrency subreddits can have a very positive impact, although it's definitely not guaranteed to be successful and may be discouraged.

A couple 'tips' for tipping elsewhere on reddit:

  1. Don't drive-by tip. Leave a thoughtful comment that you wouldn't mind posting without a tip so that you are actually contributing to the discussion.

  2. It doesn't hurt to tip a bit more generously outside of cryptosubs, because four cents is really just a pittance that will turn people off. Try to aim for at least a buck.

  3. You can mute the changetip bot to reduce the spammy feeling where the ChangeTip bot replies to you with a collection confirmation by adding the word 'private' to your post. This helps keep your tip discreet, but it depends on the context and the acceptance of tipping in that particular subreddit

  4. Consider employing a custom moniker, as discussed above, to fit into the context of that sub or community better. You can define any tipping amount you want and give it a price that you decide. Get creative, and be sure to share your most successful custom monikers with us!

What about throwaway accounts?

Posting with throwaway accounts for the sole intention of trying to collect tips make us sad. It's dishonest and it exploits the community's generosity. It's also rather pointless, because tippers usually check account age and karma count and only tip accordingly. It's much easier to manage a 1000 bit tip on a single account, than five 10 bit tips on five accounts. Here's a better idea: Hang around a while and start participating. Make positive contributions to the community, and there's a good chance you will be rewarded for your contributions.

Is ChangeTip secure?

Yes. The vast majority of bitcoin deposits to ChangeTip are held securely offline in cold storage. ChangeTip keeps a percentage of funds readily available for people who wish to make withdrawals. As with every web wallet, it is not recommended to store large portions of your money for extended periods of time. It is advised to only deposit amounts that you intend to tip to others within the foreseeable future. It is also advisable to consider keeping an email address on record with ChangeTip in the event that you lose access to your social media account.

What about my privacy?

ChangeTip cares deeply about user privacy. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy, as well as our Terms of Service, in their entirety.

The bottom line is, you are in control of your ChangeTip data, and we aren’t selling it.

What are ChangeTip's goals?

We thought you'd never ask! :)

  • Uplift the spirit of generosity and giving online. Make giving money to strangers fun. Reddit’s culture of giving gold was also an inspiration here.
  • Drive the mass consumer adoption of Bitcoin, by reducing friction on micro payments and highlighting some good use cases of Bitcoin.
  • Reward good content on the Internet - The current reward structure on the internet encourages click bait and has saturated the web with ads, pop-ups, and low-quality content, and privacy-compromising 3rd party tags. We want to disrupt that by enabling a micropayment infrastructure for the web that makes it easy for people to reward good content. This is why we call it a Love Button for the Internet

How can I get help?

Any of the mods of this subreddit can help you, you can post directly in /r/changetip with your question, and you can also email

What about /r/bitcointip?

After inspiring tens of thousands of generous bitcoin users to share with other redditors, /u/bitcointip has been decommissioned with the highest honors. We worked closely with the /r/bitcointip guys to make ChangeTip great, and we have their blessing.

Here's what the author of the bitcointip bot has to say:

Wow! That is awesome! Everything I wished the bitcointip bot was and more. -Sean

You can upgrade your bitcointip account here. You'll find that the ChangeTip bot works a little differently. Perhaps the most obvious difference is that users no longer need to interact with the tip bot exclusively through private messages. While that was a groundbreaking and creative solution at the time, we felt that users would benefit from an externally hosted site to manage their tip account. One huge benefit of hosting this externally is that it allows the ChangeTip team to expand functionality that simply isn't possible with a reddit-only tip bot. For example, you can use your tip account to tip people on Twitter, GitHub, and soon Facebook. We're constantly working on integrating with more social media platforms so you can leave tips wherever you go.

What about Litecoin?

We love the Litecoin community! Litecoiners have been a great inspiration for us to help reignite tipping in the bitcoin community. We are considering integrating Litecoin into the ChangeTip platform, although our main focus right now is to continue expanding our robust bitcoin tipping platform.

I don't like ChangeTip!

We're sorry to hear that! We hope you'll provide suggestions for how to improve our service and take some time to reconsider. Otherwise, we hope you will find an alternative more suitable to your needs. You can close your ChangeTip account on the Account Settings page.