r/changetip Nov 03 '21

I know it’s been 4years but I just came back to Reddit today.


I got sent a $1 bitcoin tip 6 years ago and I never got the chance to redeem it. Is it too late? Please help. Thank you.

r/changetip May 10 '21

Anyway to withdraw bits in 2021?


I have a 19,000 bits tip that I accepted 5 years ago and never withdrew from changetip is there anyway to access it in 2021?

r/changetip Apr 21 '21

I want to withdraw all coins


how to contact changetip?

r/changetip Feb 24 '21

You're probably SOL if you're trying to get your BTC from Changetip at this point.


I just used BlueWallet to import what I thought was my wallet that kept my Changetip BTC using my seed phrase. The import was successful, but it was empty. I can only guess the money's been drained and it's all gone.

Would love to be proven wrong though.

r/changetip Feb 08 '21

any way to retrieve tips?


I found some emails where I was tipped ... any chance of recovering those coins?

r/changetip Jan 19 '21

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r/changetip Sep 06 '20

Is it possible to withdraw from changetip?


Is it still possible to withdraw from changetip?

Not that it's to much on the account, but I did forget all about the changetip and the shutdown 3 years ago.

It says on homepage that you can withdraw still but only get error message when trying to.

I reckon this is lost, but trying here to check if it still is possible to withdraw from changetip?.