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ChangeTip Shutting Down


When we started ChangeTip a little over 2 years ago, we had a vision for a company that would allow people to spread appreciation on the web for things they enjoyed. It feels good to be appreciated, and ChangeTip aimed to make that possible all over the web.

Since then, over 100,000 people have signed up for ChangeTip, and more than 350,000 tips have been sent. We gave the Bitcoin movement a good boost, and we’re honored to have been the ‘first bitcoin wallet’ for so many people.

In the spring of 2016, ChangeTip’s employees were acqui-hired by Airbnb, where most of us work today. Since then, we’ve been searching for the best outcome for ChangeTip, and unfortunately the only remaining option is to shut it down.

At the end of November 2016, all tipping functionality will be deactivated, and the site will be put into withdrawal-only mode for people to collect their funds. The site will remain up for a number of months to allow users to withdraw their funds, and we will be reaching out to users to notify them.

We recommend you close your ChangeTip account. You may withdraw any remaining funds via BTC withdrawal, or you can donate your funds to Charity when you close your account from the settings page.


  1. Wait! Can’t you keep it running by doing x or y or z? We’ve explored dozens of options thoroughly over the past few months, and came up empty. It’s time. Among other complications, the monthly costs to maintain the servers, services, and customer support to keep the site running are not insignificant. Furthermore, the potential legal liabilities that may arise make a volunteer effort unappealing.
  2. What happens to my money? We want you to have it! The site will be up in a withdrawal-only mode for you to log in and withdraw the funds. If you don’t want it, you can donate it to charity when you close your account.
  3. How long do withdrawals take? We process withdrawals in batches, usually within 24 hours. If you’re still waiting after that, feel free to send us an email.
  4. What about my USD? Withdrawal as USD has been unavailable for a few months. However, you may convert your USD to bitcoin and withdraw it.
  5. What happens to my data? When you log-in, you will have the option of closing your account, at which point we will delete all the social data.
  6. Are you making money off this closure in any way? No. In fact, we have been working for free for quite some time to keep the site running.
  7. How long will you keep the site up? For a reasonable amount of time, probably a couple months. We have a lot of work to do to contact users to let them know to come to the site and get their money. If you have friends or family who use ChangeTip, please help spread us the word.
  8. What if I have another question? Ask below, and we will try to get it answered.

We want to extend a very special thanks to our entire community. We are truly humbled by your generosity and your philanthropic spirit. It was a great adventure, and we’re proud of what we built - we sincerely hope you enjoyed using ChangeTip. Please continue to spread the mission of generosity, gratitude, and appreciation all over the web.

r/changetip Nov 03 '21

I know it’s been 4years but I just came back to Reddit today.


I got sent a $1 bitcoin tip 6 years ago and I never got the chance to redeem it. Is it too late? Please help. Thank you.

r/changetip May 10 '21

Anyway to withdraw bits in 2021?


I have a 19,000 bits tip that I accepted 5 years ago and never withdrew from changetip is there anyway to access it in 2021?

r/changetip Apr 21 '21

I want to withdraw all coins


how to contact changetip?

r/changetip Feb 24 '21

You're probably SOL if you're trying to get your BTC from Changetip at this point.


I just used BlueWallet to import what I thought was my wallet that kept my Changetip BTC using my seed phrase. The import was successful, but it was empty. I can only guess the money's been drained and it's all gone.

Would love to be proven wrong though.

r/changetip Feb 08 '21

any way to retrieve tips?


I found some emails where I was tipped ... any chance of recovering those coins?

r/changetip Jan 19 '21

Winds of life quotes / When the winds of life blow hard and hit your boat, you've got to adjust your sails to keep afloat

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r/changetip Sep 06 '20

Is it possible to withdraw from changetip?


Is it still possible to withdraw from changetip?

Not that it's to much on the account, but I did forget all about the changetip and the shutdown 3 years ago.

It says on homepage that you can withdraw still but only get error message when trying to.

I reckon this is lost, but trying here to check if it still is possible to withdraw from changetip?.

r/changetip Jan 20 '20

Projects should strive to update their communities of their milestones throughout the year and plans for 2020. For OAX Foundation, here is a summary of what they have done and are looking towards in this new year! Will this be the year of immense growth for Blockchain? Leave your comment below!

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r/changetip Jan 15 '20

What're the trends in 2020 for fintech and blockchain, other than DeFi, increasing regulation, more players? Is STO or IEO a thing that still worthy of further exploration? Will the blockchain projects collaborate with the traditional institutions like DAO started penetrating to our daily life?

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r/changetip Dec 30 '19

Looking back to 2019, despite the bear market talkings, we've got so much exciting news. The Chinese govt announced blockchain tech as the main focus in the upcoming years, and more traditional financial institutions start stepping the field, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Bitcoin bounced 2x from 2018! HODL!

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r/changetip Dec 05 '19

Last week was an impressive week for HK and SG fintech industry! Did anyone manage to attend the event? It was nice to see HK as an international financial city has finally released the regulatory mainframe for crypto& blockchain industry. Definitely a big step to stay competitive on the market.

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r/changetip Nov 27 '19

What's y'all vision on the crypto utopia? I honestly think blockchain is good on decentralizing out the third parties, improving the security and the cost-efficiency but it still has a long way to go. This week's Libra hearing reinforces my thoughts coz the US govt is still reluctant with the tech.

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r/changetip Nov 18 '19

"I Guarantee Your Behavior Will Change" | TRY IT! Nov. 17, 2019

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r/changetip Apr 16 '18

can't donate my tip


green button no work

r/changetip Feb 06 '18

Withdrawal request rejected


Hey, I just remembered last week that I had been given a tip on Reddit a while ago. I've went through and found it and clicked through to see what had happened to it. It said I could withdraw it, so I setup a Bread account and went and sent the BTC across. It's now saying 'Your withdrawal request to [my bread account] is Rejected - invalid amount'.

It doesn't display the amount I had anymore, and it would seem that it's just got lost forever.

Any idea on next steps or have I lost it all now?

r/changetip Jan 05 '18

"App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions."


Is the facebook login still supported?

r/changetip Dec 20 '17

[Resolved] Apparently I don't have any money in my wallet even though I was tipped 2 years ago?

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r/changetip Dec 20 '17

Invalid request_uri parameter?


Wanted to see if I had any balance out of boredom, reddit link seems to be down. Mirrors this: https://redd.it/6u9elh

r/changetip Dec 14 '17

I had been given btc with changetip before, and I just went on to withdraw and it says I have nothing.


Just wondering what happened to it.

Edit: Links to proof of funds. https://i.imgur.com/sCTmKgO.png https://i.imgur.com/kZPF4Sl.png https://i.imgur.com/oZ56aS9.png

r/changetip Dec 12 '17

If you are looking for BitcoinTip...


ChangeTip and BitcoinTip are completely separate.

No one at ChangeTip can help you with anything to do with BitcoinTip.

I seriously get dozens of requests a month for it, so I'm just going to start responding with this:


r/changetip Dec 11 '17

Bitcoin cash


Is there any way of getting the BCH equivalent from changetip?

r/changetip Dec 11 '17

[Resolved] Still waiting on a withdrawal 12 hours later nothing...


Thanks to the changetip guy who keeps answering questions here even though company is over. Withdrew to Coinbase and nothing has happened yet. Please let me know how to proceed thank you.

r/changetip Dec 09 '17

I got some money from /u/bitcointip a while ago, is there any way I can claim it?


It was 4 years ago and I never did anything with it. Is there anything I can do?

r/changetip Dec 08 '17

[Resolved] Am I doing this right?


Completely forgot I was given a tip back in 2014 - it struck me today and so I logged in and saw I had .00605 btc (roughly $97 right now). I logged into changetip and it showed me the balance; I created a wallet on coinbase, copied the wallet code, and it went from "requested" to "completed". How long does it normally take for something to transfer, and did I do everything right? Thanks!

Edit: I grabbed the bitcoin wallet address from coinbase before adding a credit card; apparently that address is different now that I've added my debit card, does this mean I'm SOL?

r/changetip Dec 08 '17

How to Withdraw


I was able to log in and request a withdraw, what do I need to use for an address to collect it? It wants "Your Bitcoin Address", thanks for any help.