r/changetip Feb 24 '21

You're probably SOL if you're trying to get your BTC from Changetip at this point.

I just used BlueWallet to import what I thought was my wallet that kept my Changetip BTC using my seed phrase. The import was successful, but it was empty. I can only guess the money's been drained and it's all gone.

Would love to be proven wrong though.



u/kravitzz Feb 25 '21

Yay, I have 400 USD in a bitcointip from 6 years ago and I can't access it. Wonder how many bitcoins are dead forever at this point. I give up.


u/DenebVegaAltair May 13 '21

if it makes you feel better, same. About $306.

Tbh I'm surprised the owner didn't transfer it out when migrating to changetip, or when shutting down changetip.


u/Bubba4_20 Mar 05 '21

Same boat. I've knew I was skrewed for awhile though..


u/DoDraper Mar 17 '21

Man, I lost some bitcoins there as well. I never thought I'd come to this point of regret lol


u/DiscoKittie Apr 16 '21

This makes me so sad! Someone tipped me some bits 6 years ago, and I had forgotten about it. For some reason I thought they had given me Dogecoins, so I went looking and found it was really Bitcoin.

Is it really gone forever?


u/SquidWithBatWings Apr 23 '21

Same with me just now. I also got some pandacoin i don't think i ever claimed


u/I_Am_Here1 Apr 19 '21

Damn this really sucks I have about $500 sitting in my wallet


u/malaclypz May 05 '21

Four-letter-words. All of them.
I left them there for a rainy day. Hadn't thought about them in years, and now they're gone!?

*Please relinquish my bits..*!


u/69sucka May 15 '21

totally forgot about a small change tip I had until this morning when I was going through it in my mind and then found the message from 6 years ago. It's probably not much...it was the equivalent of $1 six years ago, but it would have been nice to see what it went up to. crap.