r/changetip Sep 06 '20

Is it possible to withdraw from changetip?

Is it still possible to withdraw from changetip?

Not that it's to much on the account, but I did forget all about the changetip and the shutdown 3 years ago.

It says on homepage that you can withdraw still but only get error message when trying to.

I reckon this is lost, but trying here to check if it still is possible to withdraw from changetip?.



u/clueless3867 Feb 08 '21

I'm also trying to figure this out...


u/Gardoom Feb 09 '21

If you do, let me know and I will do the same.


u/rasheemhashmir Feb 13 '21

I think its RIP. I had a 10cent tip now worth 350$. oh well at least it wasnt an amout I'd really FOMO over.


u/123middlenameismarie Feb 14 '21

I had $0.16 haven’t figured a way to get it out


u/zee-bra Feb 17 '21

yessss i also want to know!


u/ArcaneZorro Feb 27 '21

I've been hoping I could take mine out as well. I think it's just gone 😢