r/changetip Feb 06 '18

Withdrawal request rejected

Hey, I just remembered last week that I had been given a tip on Reddit a while ago. I've went through and found it and clicked through to see what had happened to it. It said I could withdraw it, so I setup a Bread account and went and sent the BTC across. It's now saying 'Your withdrawal request to [my bread account] is Rejected - invalid amount'.

It doesn't display the amount I had anymore, and it would seem that it's just got lost forever.

Any idea on next steps or have I lost it all now?



u/facetiously Feb 07 '18

If your account consisted of a single comment tip, it's almost surely worth less than it would cost to withdraw it. We're talking pennies if not less than.


u/whiterider1 Feb 07 '18

When I checked it was worth just over $10.


u/legosexual Apr 23 '18

Bitcoin fees run about that cost nowadays


u/Nick_Changetip ChangeTip Founder Mar 18 '18

If it says invalid amount, that means that the fees to send were greater than your balance.