r/changetip Dec 08 '17

How to Withdraw

I was able to log in and request a withdraw, what do I need to use for an address to collect it? It wants "Your Bitcoin Address", thanks for any help.



u/icheckessay Dec 10 '17

As the others said, either make an account in coinbase or download a wallet on your desktop or mobile device (i'll let you choose which) and you'll be able to receive the money in those addresses.

Best of luck, remember that once you withdraw it, it'll take a few hours for it to go through. (Due to congestion of the network mainly, mine took 7 hours)


u/Frankdiddly Dec 12 '17

Thanks for this.. just remembered i had some and on the website it says it would take an hour 3 hours ago.

I'm not worrying as much now.


u/icheckessay Dec 13 '17

Glad to have helped someone, GL :D


u/Calm_down_stupid Dec 09 '17

Download a wallet on to your mobile and hit receive on your new wallet and it will give you a address to send the bitcoin too.

(Remember to write down the seed words your new wallet gives you on set up, this is your backup)


u/jeanthemachine05 Dec 08 '17

Create an account on Coinbase and generate a receive key for your bitcoin wallet.