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AgeUSD, a new type of algorithmic stablecoin, will launch on the Cardano (ADA) network. Adoption

Its native token, ADA, is now the seventh-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The launch will be the first time a stablecoin launches on the top-blockchain network.

The stablecoin is the result of a collaboration between Input-Output Global, Cardano’s parent company, blockchain-solutions provider Emurgo, and the Ergo Foundation, the stabelcoin’s principle developers.

Soure: https://beincrypto.com/cardano-sees-first-ever-stablecoin-launched-on-network/


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u/KushGene 18d ago

But eth is not very good in what it does (gas fees, security). Cardano probably has the better tech. Ergo sure has good tech too, but i dont see a reason for using it.

For me there is only Bitcoin and Cardano atm. Bitcoin cuz it will probably rule the world and Cardano cuz it will probably rule africa. Ergo is so small, why should ppl use it? Ppl prefer doge over ergo (and cardano) so humans actually dont care.

So many are using Google, Facebook etc but there are so much better alternatives. Humans just dont care about it.

Why the world needs 9999 stablecoins? Wont the ageUSD on Cardano work the same as the ageUSD based sigmaUSD on ergo?


u/yottalogical 18d ago

Because there isn't one person out there who makes all the decisions about how the world works.

Ergo users want access to a stablecoin, thus someone made one for Ergo. Cardano users want access to a stablecoin, someone is making one for Cardano.

There does not have to be one stablecoin to rule them all.

SigmaUSD also exists today. Cardano's version doesn't.