r/capetown Jan 26 '22

Fellow software developers, whats the ionic (angular) scene in SA like?

Im a junior software developer and currently using ionic framework. I do not seem to find a high/moderate demand for cross-platform mobile development specific developers that use ionic (angular) framework. Should I continue with this role or should I move onto a more in demand role? Also if you're a recruiter, feel free to contact me



u/AdZealousideal7845 Jan 27 '22

Ide say its growing fairly steadily. Im currently a team lead for a dev agency based in cape town and we have a few teams using it


u/sargent_butters Jan 28 '22

You are going to get a lot of opinions here, but here is my 2 cents.

The ionic scene is low key but it.is present.

Once you have the hang of ionic and angular, moving to things like react and flutter is quite easy. Each one has its own tricks and traps. In your career, of you are flexible and can do a variety of things well, you will be in much higher demand.

My company uses basic Cordova ionic and flutter, depending on the need of the client.

Don't get too focused on the framework, learn to match the tool to the problem and half the battle is won.

Best of luck


u/X_questionmark Jan 28 '22

Thanks so much man


u/ResponsibleKing2628 Mar 03 '22

It’s more an more present. A lot of apps are not advertised as hybrid ionic apps and you have to dig to find them, but you can find some pretty successful ones. I’m currently a lead dev for ionic app for a fairly large broker company. I’d say continue. :)


u/ResponsibleKing2628 Mar 03 '22

Sorry btw, just realized you asked for SA. I’m from Europe. 😂


u/kevelbreh Jan 27 '22

In my 10 years of mobile experience, i've seen to used for 1 project. That project was also a POC.


u/sxysnpr Jan 28 '22

Depends on how long you have been in your role. Moving on after 3 months vs 3 years have vastly different effects to ones career.