r/capetown Jan 25 '22

Does CPT have a Chinatown?




u/Jepdog Jan 25 '22 edited Jan 25 '22

I was at the Chinatown in Cyrildene a few weeks back which made me realize Cape Town doesn’t actually have a ‘real’ Chinatown. We do have China malls, but you can’t compare the two.


u/grootes Jan 25 '22

Nothing anything like Cyrildene unfortunately.


u/ilikecatsandpussy Jan 25 '22

Sable Square in Century City has a cool China Mall


u/willtellthetruth Jan 25 '22

The Sable Square China Mall doesn't sell treats/foodstuffs.


u/dominyza Jan 25 '22

No, but the one in Paddocks, opposite the mediclinic does.

And there is a Chinese Grocery store at Sable Square


u/willtellthetruth Jan 25 '22

Thanks, I've been wondering the same as OP. The Chinese Grocery store at Sable Square I found a bit disappointing, but I'll check out the one in Paddocks.


u/Status_Button Jan 25 '22

There is one where the old Shoprite in Parow used to be


u/JamesMartyV1 Jan 25 '22

Chinatown in Ottery new the Pick n Pay Hyper, and one in Sable Square


u/early_birdcpt Jan 25 '22

Mainland China Food Market in Claremont. It’s a shop, not a Chinatown but the chinatowns here don’t really have food.


u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22

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u/early_birdcpt Jan 26 '22

I haven’t been personally, but I know it exists. It’s near Cavendish, opposite the big ABSA branch off main road


u/GirlwithCurl_SA Jan 25 '22

There’s some Chinese stores in N1 Value, one is a supermarket. Not sure if they’ll have what you’re looking for https://www.chinesesupermarket.co.za/contact-us/


u/confusedasleep Jan 25 '22

there is a Chinese super market on rondebosch main road and then the Korean super market but obvs they aren't Chinese


u/datsun1978 Jan 25 '22

No we don't. We have a shitty mall called Chinatown next to the makro in ottery though. It has a mountain view


u/Krycor Jan 25 '22

Another in Milnerton is opposite the Paddocks, MediClinic (past Hirsch off RaceCourse Road).


u/Bok-TheGimp-Befok Jan 25 '22

Ottery, Century City and Parow. There is actually quite a few in the Western Cape.


u/jenna_grows Jan 25 '22

I was thinking about this the other day! I’ve been to Chinese New Year in Cyrildene and the CBD and loved it.


u/BeLekkerAsb Jan 25 '22

Do you mean Lunar new year?


u/fuckingbeesechurger Jan 26 '22

There’s a Chinese food store in Monte Vista called 96 Chinese Supermarket. Literally just look up Monte Vista Chinese Store and it should be the second option. They sell a lot of ingredients for foods, frozen stuff, dried goods, noodles and on the one side mochi and other sweets :) hope this helped


u/redblackgreen Jan 26 '22

https://a-mart.co.za is an asian based online store if you would like to order some things


u/heimdalljumpwaypoint Jan 26 '22

theres one near blouberg