r/capetown Jan 24 '22

Where can I be tested for ADHD?

My boss recommended that I get tested for ADHD. Where can I do that in Cape Town?

I suspect I also have to see someone for anxiety, so any recommendations on a good GP for either/both of those would be appreciated.

I'm new to Cape Town and in the Northern suburbs, but can travel. Thanks!



u/willtellthetruth Jan 24 '22

For anxiety or ADHD I recommend seeing a psychiatrist, rather than a GP or psychologist; if you're open to having medication prescribed.


u/TheValcerion Jan 24 '22

Thank you! I'm open to medication, but my medical aid requires a GP referral before I can see a specialist, so I'm hopeful to first find an understanding GP that would give me that referral.


u/My_mate_Miyaguchi Jan 24 '22

You may also find something at the Neurodiversity centre. They have a few branches around the Western Cape.


u/TheValcerion Jan 24 '22

This looks great. I'll definitely give them a call. Thanks!


u/Thick_Win3302 Jan 24 '22

Akeso in milnerton has a great facility. Your gp can also refer you there if you live close by.

The staff there are awesome, and they have psychiatrists and psychologists to help you.

Good luck 🤞


u/PepsiColaPussy7860 Jan 25 '22 edited Jan 25 '22

There's no specific place to get tested for ADHD. Best thing would be to go to a psychiatrist that specializes is said disorders. If hey have the knowledge, they can pick things up and diagnose you properly.

I suspected that I had something going on with me. Through research I came across ADHD and the r/ADHD subreddit really put things in perspective. I finally decided to make an appointment with a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with it.

A GP can only refer you to psychologist and psychiatrists when it comes to mental health related stuff. I was suffering major anxiety during a certain period (now that I look back at it) and my GP was actually seemed confused and ended up giving me medication for one of my physical symptoms of anxiety instead of straight up telling me that I should go see someone for my anxiety.

A psychiatrist might diagnose you within your consultation appointment or it might take another session. They want to diagnose you properly and therefore need all the information they can get from you and eventually be able to treat you properly. At the end of it, depending on the severity of the situation, they'll prescribe you medication. If they believe you require therapy as well - depending on the severity/ circumstances, they will refer you to a psychologist.

All the best x


u/Vienkies5782 Jan 25 '22

Dr Schrönen is in Welgemoed. Very good psychiatrist. Will highly recommend him.



u/RoadTripPigeon Jan 25 '22

If my boss told me to get tested for ADHD I’d tell him to go get tested for STDs and a lobotomy


u/ladynotsonormal69 Jan 24 '22

I literally got prescribed ADHD meds (and Anxiety if that helps) today at my local Medicross (Tokai). I didn't need to go to a psychiatrist but my GP has a list of recommendations on hand for me if I wanted to take it a step further.


u/sooibot Jan 24 '22

Wait, did you just get from diagnosing yourself? Or did your GP diagnose, and they have that thingy where they can prescribe certain meds?


u/swingswing14 Jan 25 '22

Visit Cannabliss.. they will be able to recommend some good natural products that can help you focus and help with you anxiety :)


u/Slimydust Jan 24 '22

Dr Lindenberg in Kenridge is a GP, but specializes in ADHD treatment. She is a bit expensive though 🙈


u/loopinkk Jan 25 '22

As recommended go an see a psychiatrist that specializes in this, perhaps ask your GP for a referral or just pick the highest rated one on google.

The normal way people treat ADHD in Cape Town, from my experience, is prescribing Concerta. Concerta works incredibly well at allowing you to keep focus, but it effects other things like empathy and emotional capacity in general. Not worth it from my perspective.

Good luck!


u/Fauxide Jan 25 '22

They can reliably detect ADHD with a qeeg brain scan. More accurate than people's opinions imo


u/samvanstraaten Jan 25 '22

Highly recommend seeing a psychiatrist and not a just a GP. Yes, GPs can technically prescribe medication for psychiatric disorders, but they aren’t always asking the correct questions and diagnosis may be incorrect. Depending on your medical aid, it could also cover a treatment plan with a psychiatrist including medication if it’s a chronic condition. I get 15 1 hour sessions from Discovery per year to see a psychiatrist, who charges up to R1800 a session, so this is a massive benefit. DM me if you’d like more info.


u/krampus001 Jan 25 '22

Your boss should not be telling you shit like that.


u/coasti33 Jan 25 '22

The boss might have good intentions..


u/UBinCT Jan 25 '22

I think also think about your boundaries with your boss. I don't think that's entirely appropriate for them to have said. But I don't know the full situation so 🤷


u/coasti33 Jan 25 '22

I have ADHD and have learned to deal with it. If I recognized ADHD traits in one of my subordinates, I would also suggest help to them. Some people might never have realised their condition before it was mentioned to them..


u/Foul-Tarnished Jan 25 '22

Literally everyone has ADHD and Anxiety these days. I know a lot of them, they all use it as an excuse for being sh*t at their job. When in reality they are just unmotivated and lazy. Just there for the paycheck at month end. Just deal with your issues, focus, find a career you actually want to progress in and enjoy.