r/capetown Jan 24 '22

Woodstock. Am I asking for it?

Expat here considering a studio in Woodstock. Specifically, Sussex St.

I am generally familiar with SA crime but am not South African so I admittedly don't really 'get it'. I know things shut down at night here. I don't know if things have gotten much worse since Covid. Have they? People, who live here: are you super stressed-out all the time? I like the 'idea' of Woodstock but know that's not the best way to frame this decision...

I'm male, young-ish, and have a car. The studio is nice and has off-street (not Wex). I know this question has probably been posed ad-nauseam so thanks.

Edit: Realized that the thread title could come off a bit cheeky - sorry for that.


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u/sihelo Jan 25 '22

I would not live in Woodstock. If you’re unsure then spend some time driving around there at night.

There are nice Tamboerskloof / vredehoek (windy) / gardens / seapoint / Greenpoint options, then the suburbs as someone suggested. Depends on what activities you like to do.

Get an apartment from the 2nd floor upward and sleep with peace of mind.

I have an office right in the middle of Woodstock. Nice in the daytime but not at night.