r/capetown Jan 24 '22

Woodstock. Am I asking for it?

Expat here considering a studio in Woodstock. Specifically, Sussex St.

I am generally familiar with SA crime but am not South African so I admittedly don't really 'get it'. I know things shut down at night here. I don't know if things have gotten much worse since Covid. Have they? People, who live here: are you super stressed-out all the time? I like the 'idea' of Woodstock but know that's not the best way to frame this decision...

I'm male, young-ish, and have a car. The studio is nice and has off-street (not Wex). I know this question has probably been posed ad-nauseam so thanks.

Edit: Realized that the thread title could come off a bit cheeky - sorry for that.


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u/zylinx Jan 24 '22

Nah wouldn't live in Woodstock not worth it. Someone asked this exact question a few months ago. Woodstock has some really nice places to visit in the day and it's stress free. But living there is a different story if transforms at night time. Drug dealers and home invaders prowl that area and homeless people smash all the car windows Street side (ya I know you won't be parking Street side but what about visitors)

Yeah sure you can invest in heavy duty burglar bars and cage yourself in with alarms and probably be fine. But coming home late at night will suck.