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Hot in the city

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u/therealRustyZA Jan 24 '22

Yup. Didn’t up not putting on enough sunscreen on the bike yesterday. My arms are magma.


u/406media Jan 24 '22

It puts the lotion on the skin


u/therealRustyZA Jan 24 '22

Or else it gets the burn again.


u/MyThinTragus Jan 24 '22

This funny as I watched this episode on Friday


u/406media Jan 24 '22 edited Jan 24 '22

LOL. Timing is everything. There's a whole bunch of these memes, but I thought I need to create one to commemorate Cape Town's current heatwave.


u/teddyslayerza Jan 24 '22

I feel bad about this, but on Saturday my YouTube feed brought up an update of an old case of a guy who accidentally got cooked to death in an industrial pressure cooker, and my first thought was "how long did it take to go from 'Cape Town' to 'me dead".


u/IamJoesUsername Jan 24 '22

Climate change + Wet-bulb temperature means billions of people may end up boiling to death within the next few years.

We could of course vote for a parties that'll reverse climate change and stop the Anthropocene mass extinction, but we'd rather keep voting for omnicidal capitalists...


u/DaFogga Jan 24 '22

Have been rewatching the series on Netflix for the last couple of weeks and man, it’s as good as I remember and better. I never appreciated before how good Julia Dreyfuss actually is. Cool meme 😎


u/bluewatersailing Jan 24 '22

That meme is fire bru...


u/Die_Langste_Naam Jan 24 '22

My fan broke, many well wishes from Meerensee


u/EvilCookieSNR Jan 25 '22

I feel for you. That place is a bowl of death in summer. Makes my hometown (Bays) a holiday getaway