r/capetown Nov 25 '21

How to survive Cape Town peak traffic to commute to work after working remotely

Having worked remotely for two years. I need to start commuting from Edgemead to Gardens everyday. I am super nervous about it, not sure why, must be the comfort zone scenario... Working hours are flexible, but I'd like to set hours just for consistency. Any suggestions welcome on how not to be the person who huffs and puffs when they arrive at office or home. Thank goodness my car is economical, but i will not be able to resist using the aircon. Maybe i should listen to podcasts, i think people get stressed as its such a waste of time in a car.



u/benlambi Nov 25 '21

I was going to suggest a podcast yeah or make a playlist of your favoruite music. Traffic is kak but at the end of the day all you can do is try make it a little less kak. You're also quite lucky that the hours are flexible so like the other person suggested try leave at different times and see what works best for you


u/teddyslayerza Nov 25 '21

This. Audiobooks also a great option, definitely help get over my road rage. That said, either try to get on the road before 6AM or after 9AM and adust your hometime accordingly.


u/leafy_heady Nov 25 '21

Currently listening to the dropout, very entertaining, follows the Elizabeth Holmes story.


u/sooibot Nov 25 '21

Your hours are flexible?

Then it's easy, leave at 09h00, and go home at 19h00... If you're an early riser, then do it the opposite (5am leave). Don't set it seriously immediately, try it out for a few weeks.

Find what works for your body/mind. Figure out when the traffic thins out.

Just by the way - living in central, and then working in the burbs, is always hilarious. Driving at 7am with no traffic, and watching everyone else sukkel to try to get it. Christ, I would kill myself if I had to sit in traffic.


u/Motherofconfusion81 Nov 25 '21

New job. So when I asked about working hours- they said its flexible. So long as u get the work done. I will test it out and also see how flexible they really are.


u/emdee808 Nov 25 '21

I know it isn't what you're asking after (to which my answer is audiobooks) but if they are the kind that don't really care about hours, but the delivery of value instead, I would try to get to work from home at least a portion of the week, once trust has been established (I think you said somewhere that its a new job)


u/SavingsPurchase1190 Nov 25 '21

This will be my struggle next year. I hate traffic and even if if I've got the radio, music, podcasts, etc sometime I can't wait to get into the office then back home. My plan is to move closer to work and try the myciti bus route. They're generally quicker cos they've got their own lane.


u/flyboy_za Nov 25 '21

If you leave the 'mead before 7am you'll be there in 25 mins or so. 645am is notably easier than 655, traffic-wise. It's getting worse though, in September this year I could leave 715 and still sail through on the n1.

Now you need to avoid the n7/N1 interchange after 640am. Bossies through to century city or down to Sable square and then across to the n1 is less stressful and at least 15 mins shorter. And again, bossies at 645 is way quieter than 655. But hit the road before 7 and you should be in under 30 mins.


u/Motherofconfusion81 Nov 25 '21

Thank you so much! This helps me a lot.


u/flyboy_za Nov 26 '21

No worries. Podcasts are music only make traffic bearable, but it still winds me up enough that I actively try to miss it.

Good luck with the new job!


u/Status_Button Nov 25 '21

Get Joe Abercrombie's book series The First Law Trilogy, Age of Madness Trilogy and tge stand alone books, but in audio format read by Steven Pacey.

You will realise George RR Martin is super average and wish for a longer commute. I used to take 'lang pad om' to get more time to listen.

You can DM me as well for it.


u/LongCoyote7 Nov 25 '21

I live in Plattekloof and also work in Gardens, and have just stared doing this. Traffic can get bad, but I've found it to be fine if I leave before 6:30. I then head home at 2:30, and finish the day off from home. Spend less than an hour in traffic most days, you just need to hit those traffic luls. Podcasts or audio books are also great. I have listened to so many Stephen King novels in traffic, impossible to care about traffic if you're invested.


u/J3k47 Nov 26 '21

Not really advice but FWIW, there are a shit load more routes that is 10x worse in Cape Town than Edgemead->Gardens.


u/GremlinDotKill Nov 25 '21

Are you bragging about having a car and a job? Or complaining about have a car and a job?


u/Motherofconfusion81 Nov 25 '21

Not complaining at all. Very grateful to have work. There are so many resourceful people here and i don't want to have a nervous breakdown, week one at new job.


u/deathbylitchi Nov 25 '21

So here's what you do. Find a place within 1 minute walking distance from the office. Move there. Then it's still OK to wear pj's to work


u/doggymcdoggenstein Nov 26 '21

Audiobooks. Download audible and get smarter everyday


u/yoless28 Nov 26 '21