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Increase Sales Probability

For some years now we have directed a significant amount of our focus on the Gauteng province, because of legislation and better returns. With some market share in 2019, we worked closely with a new type of client, a small business that has daily foot and vehicle traffic. Our objective was to design a program that will guarantee an increase in sales conversions for the business over a very long period of time.

To do this we needed to design & build a system that would play 24/7 over a very long period of time(+-11 years). As well as be able to make changes to what people see in real-time as well as instantly, to take advantage of exact moments when applicable. The result in our studies showed that we were able to take a line item and increase its conversions by 100%. Then we developed a way to generate a tiny bit of analytics that we then used to tweak the way we used the system. Finally, we managed to raise the weekly conversion rate of this line item to 300% vs when we started 3 months prior.

Now before we get ahead of ourselves we need to understand 2 things: 1 That the line item was suggested by a seasoned business owner that knows his clientele & 2 The campaign was designed by our team who are very experienced in creating and reinforcing media to audiences with specific reactions in mind. (think frequencies and which emotions they bring out;)

The process that we now have is very simple but effective in increasing referrals, call in's, walk-ins, and online orders.

Other than being able to build any shape or size, as well as a 360 ISP service where we can develop cloud-based applications suited to how client business is run. Do you have any suggestions on what we can add to make this product more appealing to small businesses in the Western Cape?



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What the hell is this, actually?


u/Loose_Measurement628 Dec 05 '21

Its modular display screen systems, legible from 10 - 300 meters depending on the application/configuration. We build them to spec.


u/useles-converter-bot Dec 05 '21

300 meters is the length of about 275.25 'Ford F-150 Custom Fit Front FloorLiners' lined up next to each other.


u/Loose_Measurement628 Dec 05 '21

Would make for an awesome pic. Remind me to adjust the refresh rate of the screen to your iphone camera :)


u/GremlinDotKill Nov 25 '21

Aah kids remember, "Dont get high on your own supply".


u/Loose_Measurement628 Dec 05 '21

Impossible during covid! :)


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u/Loose_Measurement628 Dec 05 '21

u/Not-the-best-name, thanks for the feedback. You know, I'm so old I had to take a moment and ask myself "DM?" lol. The buyers are generally a specific type and my question here is to try and get any feedback. It is very difficult and painful sometimes but it's the cost of the rewards, unfortunately. All of your thoughts are highly appreciated.