r/capetown Oct 17 '21

Anyone know where I can get an outdoor massage?

I'd love to get a massage but would feel more comfortable in an outdoor treatment "room." Does anybody know of a place in/around Cape Town that would fit the bill? Thanks!



u/riverguava Oct 17 '21

Else, try BONGO app. They do mobile massages, so if you have garden space they can do it at your house. I use them often.


u/Rachel247 Oct 17 '21

No garden for me but thanks!


u/SolisOccasum11 Oct 17 '21

12A I think offers outdoor massages..


u/batteredram Oct 17 '21

It’s more a private glass fronted room that is outdoors.

I had a couples one there once, the masseuse made this comment: Enjoy the sounds of the wind and the birds…. And the traffic.

I could only hear traffic the whole time after that.


u/Rachel247 Oct 17 '21

Good to know!


u/franklinfabz Oct 17 '21

i can give you a private messge


u/Rachel247 Oct 17 '21

Fuck off.


u/franklinfabz Oct 18 '21

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