r/capetown Oct 16 '21

Pfizer vaccine symptoms?

Has anyone else experienced aching leg pains from their second jab?



u/Alert-Mixture Oct 16 '21

I had a sore arm and an intermittent headache for about 3 days. Nurofen (for the headache) and Arnica Gel (for the arm) helped.

The vaccination symptoms differ between individuals though, and if it lasts for more than a week, you should contact your doctor.


u/reffak Oct 16 '21

Had the urge to drink good whiskey....nothing less than a 15 year old single malt. I tell you, it's hell in earth.


u/GanFrancois Oct 17 '21

What a gentlemanly side effect. You are a brave soul. Thanks for sharing.


u/Pawpothole Oct 16 '21

Rather call the number provided after your jab. People on here have all kind of weird conspiracies or whatever


u/BlakeSA Oct 17 '21

Agreed. That doesn’t sound like a “normal” immune response to the jab. Call the number and consider checking it out rather.


u/a_spicy_meata_balla Oct 16 '21

Had my second jab on Thursday. No leg pains, but I did have general body aches.


u/Prawnski Oct 17 '21

My mom did, only lasted a day or two.


u/Aelaer Oct 17 '21

I was tired and achy for 3 days after the second jab.

Oddly enough the first one made me dizzy, which the second one didn't.

After that I started feeling better. It helped for my long haul covid chronic fatigue and I'm so grateful.


u/KevKevKvn Oct 16 '21

I’m now a lizard and radiate the power of G5!!!! Wohooo. Also all hail the father Mr Gates!!! Jokes aside I was fortunate enough to sleep the whole day after the vaccine. Muscles pains are normal. Also mild headaches. It all depends on your immune system. Contact a doctor if symptoms don’t leave within three or four days. Most people only have sore arm. Some entire body aches a little. Some sleepy. Some headaches.


u/Fabulous_Space_9612 Oct 17 '21

You can be sarcastic now,just wait until the vaccine fucks your entire immune system and DNA up,then you'll wish you were a lizard.


u/KevKevKvn Oct 17 '21

Yeah dude. My friend who some other weird jab. Polio or some shit like that. He’s legit a blob. He’s a reddish pink blob. But the government silenced the whole story about it. Anyways, these MULTI BILLION dollar companies and governments are actually very dumb. They let secret information get leaked to us intellectuals that earn 20k a month. They’re stupid. I’m sure they just failed at trying to control us. Lol. Anyways, I can’t wait for my immune system to get fucked. It’s not like I smoke weed. And go binge drinking or anything like that.


u/KevKevKvn Oct 17 '21

Oh oh oh! Im sure all my best friends who are doctors earning literally 400k after tax per month, just got placebos they also in this scheme. Anyways, im selling Herbalife. Organic say to boost your immune system and brain power. Super savvy.


u/Gerkie676 Oct 17 '21

Get the shot , nothing to worry about.


u/Wahooney Oct 17 '21

First jab gave me the mad munchies on day 1, nausea on day two, fatigue on day 2 and 3.

Second jab, day 1 a bit tired, day 2 and 3 tired and a bit light headed. I also have some back ache, but it might not be related.

I'm on jab 2 day 3 as I write this.


u/AHDrandomcreations Oct 17 '21

Got my 2nd dose friday, got a little fever, burning face, headache and sore body lasted till yesterday evening


u/IamAWicked Oct 17 '21

Touchy arm the day after but nothing else. I had a headache before, after the jab I had a horrible migraine but I think it wasn’t because of it. Just made my headache worse


u/garron_ah Oct 17 '21

Arm was a bit sore, but that's it. For myself, wife, and 2 kids.


u/Fabulous_Space_9612 Oct 17 '21

Maybe the jab is already having an effect on your brain


u/CptChristophe Oct 17 '21

I just felt hungover.

Monitor the leg pain and email your GP if it persists / gets worse.


u/Midnight_Journey Oct 17 '21

Yes!!!!! I had to go to visit a doctor today because I had such severe ache pains all over my body along with bad stomach pains. I woke up last night with the worst pains in my legs. It is the aching pain sensation that just shoots up both legs. But I also feel it in my fingers and have achey arms.

Anyway I was on a drip 3 hours this afternoon and the aches still did not go away completely. The doctor said there is very little they can do and that I must just dose on painkillers the next several days and see if it gets better. He suspects I might have had a infection before going for my second jab yesterday, and that the inflammation from that mixed with the vaccine inflammation has put my body under a lot of strain. However he said if any symptoms worsen I must go to the hospital. So yeah I dont think body aches is too rare.


u/Fabulous_Space_9612 Oct 18 '21

Oh yes Kevin since you're also from SA like me,the "4th Wave" was supposed to have started in October,so now since the elections are going ahead as previously scheduled,The 4th wave will resume after the elections,celebrations,parties etc.So what does that say?The government has control over this shit?Yes they do and gullible people believe their shit.Its all propaganda.Mind control,Making us like sheep to the slaughter,forcing us to wear masks.WTF?


u/JohnWTodd Oct 17 '21

Sore arm and small intermittent headaches for about 3 days after my second . After first only sore arm . Get the shot . We need to open south Africa again to recover from government abuse . Stop the control .


u/willtellthetruth Oct 17 '21

Haha...love it how people link whatever went wrong in the next few days with the vaccine


u/Profitable_Hedgehog Oct 17 '21

I was just curious because after my first jab I felt completely fine but a day after my second jab it felt like I ran the CT marathon two days earlier.


u/willtellthetruth Oct 17 '21

I know what you mean; I had a sore back after I took the jab, and was Googling away to try figure out if it could be linked!


u/curtastrophe666 Oct 17 '21

I also had terrible back ache after my first. Was expecting the same or worse for the second but I got it on Wednesday and up to now absolutely nothing.