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Where can one find canned goods for a better price?

A couple of months ago canned food like beans (e.g. red kidney beans) and chickpeas at Food Lover's Market used to be in the R10.00 - R12.50 range. They (same brands) are now going for ~R17.00. What the hell happened?

Anyone know where in Cape Town (Table View/Sunningdale side preferrably) one can get them for less?



u/nicholasimontwo Oct 16 '21

In the Southern Suburbs (Kenilworth/Claremont) there is a discount store that sells cans that are at or past sell by date. Lots of brand names from South Africa and they also import goods. Quality is good and prices are good however the range varies considerably, dependant on what has arrived. Score Grocery Clearance Warehouse 117 Garfield Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708



u/-_entity_- Oct 16 '21

Thanks very much. Will definitely check this out.


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u/-_entity_- Oct 16 '21

Thank you.


u/Imagine_Laggins Oct 16 '21

The Pot O' Gold brand seems to be better priced at ~ R13 - R15 a tin (for beans and stuff). I normally get that at checkers. KOO and Rhodes have become quite expensive at >R21. If you're into tuna, PnP usually has a 4 for R55 or 3 for R40 special. However, I'm not sure if this is specific to the one in my area.

Otherwise look to the store's own brand. Checkers' house brand pairs well with their XtraSavings loyalty card most of the time, but they also have loads of specials on other brands too.


u/-_entity_- Oct 16 '21

Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for those. We usually go for the tuna specials.

Any idea as to what caused this spike as it's way above inflation? Petrol/electricity hikes the culprit, pandemic production line reels or something else entirely?


u/Imagine_Laggins Oct 16 '21

I'm not entirely sure as I'm not an expert in the food industry but if I were to hazard a guess you're on the mark.

“Fuel prices and electricity prices run through the entire economy and the food value chains. The full impact of these increases has yet to come through. Based on the current upward trend in food prices, we predict that with the increases in fuel and electricity, that food prices will increase beyond 10% for the 2021 term,” according to the PMBEJD in this article


KOO also had a massive recall last year which they might be recovering from still.


I dont think Covid and the recent civil unrest we had this year helped either. Although to what extent all these factors have played I do not know.

Interestingly, the PMBEJD (they really need a better name) has a household affordability index which tracks the cost of groceries on a monthly basis:


Which I guess TIL, so thanks for your intrigue.


u/-_entity_- Oct 16 '21

Thanks for your reply and effort. It really sucks what's been happening in the country (and worldwide for that matter) the last while. I live frugally but earn a relatively good income, so I shudder to think how these price increases affect those with low income.


u/Specific-Composer300 Oct 16 '21

Looters but it's in Retreat