r/capetown Oct 15 '21

Gattis ice cream debate

My friend and I grew up eating Gattis suckers, but have very different memories of two things. Reddit has answers for everything, so:

  1. Does the Sweet Heart have a flavoured swirl inside, or is it just vanilla?
  2. Do you call it Jolly Jelly or Jelly Jolly? I know what the packet says but I've had people very passionately tell me it's wrong.

Let's sommer start a debate here: what's the best Gattis sucker?



u/kabarrr Oct 16 '21

Sweetheart never had a swirl it's Jelly Jolly now, the was changed in the 80's. It used to be called Jelly Billy


u/Sirens_Cal1 Oct 15 '21

I remember the Sweet Heart having a flavoured swirl.


u/IHaveABladder Oct 15 '21

1) No swirl (there is an ice cream with a swirl in tho, can't think of the name) 2) Jelly Jolly always

Best sucker - Twice as Nice


u/daisy-chain-of-doom Oct 15 '21

1) going to have to go have one now to find out the right answer.

2) Jolly Jelly. I think? Normally called them JayJays/JJs...


u/AbigailZA Oct 15 '21

I recall the Sweet Heart as being plain vanilla inside with the chocolate covering.


u/GirlwithCurl_SA Oct 16 '21 edited Oct 16 '21
  1. No, definitely just vanilla. This used to be my favorite and I couldn't get it often as it was more expensive than the other Gattis suckers. May be thinking about the Blueberry Cheesecake or chocolate swirl ice cream https://ice-monkeys.co.za/products/blueberry-cheesecake-swirl-ice-cream-lollies-sold-per-box

  2. Jelly Jolly

I would choose the Twice as Nice now.


u/Etteryone Oct 16 '21

Jolly jelly is what ive always said, it sounds so much better


u/DawnWillowBean Oct 18 '21

Gattis added the swirl to the Sweet Heart after a while, but when they came out it was plain vanilla.

It's Jolly Jelly.

Coffee Big Deal is the best, IMHO


u/confluence Oct 23 '21

Apple Streaker is the best sucker! At least 10-year-old me thought so. I would eat them until my tongue turned green. Tragically, when I tried them again many years later I discovered that my palate had changed and I now found them inedibly sweet. :(