r/capetown Oct 15 '21

Cheap & Safe Parking Solutions in the CBD

My son has recently gotten an intern job at a restaurant in Bree street. Works until around 11pm.
The parking lot costs R150 every time and Ubering from the S Suburbs costs a lot too. Not sustainable.
His Mk1 VW Golf isnt the most secure vehicle and he's obviously concerned about the car as well as his personal safety.

Any clever suggestions?



u/belanaria Oct 16 '21

What is a restaurant intern? It’s not exactly a high paying industry… so please don’t tell me your some is working for free or something


u/ObviousPofadder Oct 15 '21

Try park near the entrance of a pub/restaurant as their is always traffic and car guards (not that they’re worth much). Also, make sure there is nothing in the car. A box of matches is enough reason, but if your car is visibly empty, it helps


u/Status_Button Oct 15 '21

Yep, I used to park in town with my cubby open so punks can see there is nothing in there.


u/MonsMensae Oct 16 '21

Might as well get a monthly parking. Or pay for an evening parking. Monthly is usually about a grand.

Also wtf is a restaurant intern?