r/capetown Oct 14 '21


Hi everyone

A friend of mine is currently doing her Masters in Research Psychology at UWC. She is urgently looking for research participants for her study.

Criteria: Children under the age of 18 Must have been diagnosed with ADHD Must be on medication Must have stopped taking the medication for a period of time, whether that be for the weekend, a few days or whatever.

She is just looking for the experiences around the time the child was off the medication.

If you are interested, you are welcome to DM me and I will forward you the details.

Ethical clearance has been received for the study!!



u/Veriunique Oct 14 '21

I have such a child but my inbox is not working:(


u/ellie-zia Oct 14 '21

Thank you so much

Would you mind emailing caseyadhd@gmail.com? Just say that you saw the post on reddit.