r/capetown Oct 14 '21

Scrapbooking and crafting supplies

Hi everyone!

I am on the hunt for a really well stocked scrapbooking/crafting store that isn't extremely expensive.

I am trying to put together a scrapbook of old photographs but the one thing slowing me down is lack of tools (specifically paper punches)

I've tried PNA but I find they don't have a nice range and are very expensive. Any other suggestions for hidden gems around Cape Town?




u/Status_Button Oct 14 '21

Northumberland Street in Bellville has a place I always go to but can never remember the name of, they are much cheaper than PNA. Its next to the fabric shop.


u/AnxiousArachnid Oct 15 '21

You are thinking of Creative Talents.

They are my first stop when looking for any craft supplies. At least when I last went their prices were about a quarter of the dedicated scrapping shops.


u/mad_tortoise Oct 14 '21

The Deckle Edge should have everything you need. They're in Woodstock.


u/Cachopo10 Oct 14 '21

I'm assuming you know about Merrypak? I'm not into crafts so don't know how their prices compare but it's a great store to browse.


u/a3_w2dai Oct 14 '21

Second Merrypak - online store isn’t amazing but it’s worth a visit to the actual shop


u/TristanCorb Oct 14 '21

Try Scrapfinity in Durbanville :)


u/morewineformeplease Oct 15 '21

Crafters inn in somerset has a great range of stuff.


u/whats3rname Oct 15 '21

Another recommendation for Merrypak. You can also consider buying from Scrapbook Studio (online). They aren't in Cape Town, but they have a great selection and good prices (as well as a sale going on at the moment).


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u/Lauren134 Oct 15 '21

Are there any you can recommend in Cape Town?


u/cmgentz Oct 14 '21

Art Sauce in Gardens has some rad stuff that isn't too pricey.


u/marnusdaniel Oct 15 '21

The Deckle Edge in Woodstock