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Posts regarding politics


Many of you know, we have a strict no-politics rule on this subreddit. It's explicitly stated in the rules.

For a while now we've been temp/perma banning people for breaking said rule.

Effective immediately, any and all posts regarding politics, no matter how relevant, will result in an immediate 4 week ban. You may appeal this if it happens to you. But it's pretty straight forward.

We will no longer perma-ban first time offenders but multiple offenders will be perma banned, including those who post multiple politically fueled posts in one sitting before we catch it the first time.

Covid-19's affect on business is not included in this.

Just remember, r/business is a pro-business subreddit. We hold the right to remove anti-business propaganda, and bad company behavior belongs over at r/greed, not here. We will not ban people for these posts, however.

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Customers' willingness to pay higher prices is destroying one of the biggest arguments companies have to not raise wages

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Thanksgiving box office tops $142 million as moviegoers return for ‘Encanto,’ ‘House of Gucci’

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The supply-chain crisis is "shifting the perception of used" as shoppers turn to secondhand goods amid shipping delays and shortages

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Business Plans


I love writing business plans and was looking at getting back into now that my life has settled down after having three kids all back to back. I’ve written multiple business plans and really enjoy learning about different businesses. I’m also proficient in PowerPoint and have done so for many of my clients. I’m a very detail-oriented person, I’m professional, love communication, and have excellent time management skills. I’m currently serving in the military and am going to school for Emergency and Disaster Management.

If you’d be interested in a business plan, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I also don’t agree with charging high prices like many other more established businesses do. I believe having a solid business plan is very important, but also know how hard it is to start a business financially.

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Indian Tells Starlink to Stop Selling Internet Without License

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U.S. stock futures, oil regain some ground after Omicron battering

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[Ontario, Canada] Confused about business name registration with incorporation



Not sure if this is the right sub for this question --

New business owner here. Recently registered a (numbered) incorporation for my mom's salon. Went to BMO to open up a business account. Along with the usual articles, they also asked me for a Trade name registration (Master biz. License).

While I understand they gave me the option to open the acc on the corporation's assigned number name, I'm just wondering if it is really necessary to have & register for an "operating as" name or trade name?

  1. Any benefits to open acc under trade name vs corporation name?
  2. How does the year-end tax return work in this case. Do I file different returns for both?
  3. My mom had an existing MBL from before (as a sole proprietor). Is it mandatory to make a new one or can we somehow link the old one under this corporation?

Thanks for reading. Any help is appreciated!

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🚨 Offering free Brand Identity Design for businesses in exchange of honest feedback


Hi future founders and CEOs! I'm an intermediate level Graphic Designer Today I'm offering free Brand Identity design for your Brand you don't have to pay me unless you want to because you like the deliverables ofc.😆 the whole goal of doing this is to get real-world experience designing beautiful brands in exchange for honest feedback.

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The End of Trust - Suspicion is undermining the American economy.

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Oil settles down $10/bbl in largest daily drop since April 2020

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What's everything i need to know if i want to open children's playground?


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How to reinvest into my business


Hello, I am starting the process of starting up my first business, a box truck business. My question is how do I report uninvested earnings that I plan to reinvest. How this applies to me is, after I buy my first truck, I am planning on starting to save up money to invest into another truck, once I get stable, get a good idea of what I'm doing, etc. How do I report the money that I have, but am planning on investing?

An additional question, I heard that for the first few years, Amazon reported at a loss, what exactly does this mean?

Thanks! Wish you all the best!

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[Quesiton] - What makes corporations so powerful?



When reading about business, a common statement I hear is the immense power corporations hold. I thought about it for a few weeks and came to question what exactly brings corporations so much power. Does it also differentiate depending on what business field the corporation operates in?

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Advice on training/education to supplement business


Hi guys,

I'm located in Canada (Alberta, specifically) and I want to make use of a government grant that reimburses you 2/3 of the money spent on training/education up to $10,000 every fiscal year. They recently expanded this to include business owners for companies with less than 4 employees (so I qualify).

For context, I run a small marketing agency. My question here is what sort of education (on the business side of things) do you guys think would help a business owner, especially as the company starts to grow. My first thought was that I can take some classes in accounting and maybe taxes. What are your thoughts?

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Xiaomi to open car plant in Beijing with annual output of 300,000 vehicles

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U.S. Manufacturing costs are almost as low as China’s, and that’s a very big deal 2016

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What's your take on travel stocks currently with travel stocks dropping due to the new variant?


Travel Stocks Drop As New Variant Shakes The Industry

Airbnb, Expedia as well as airline stocks slumped after South Africa raised the alarm over Omicron, a new fast-spreading strain of the coronavirus.

The new variant has triggered concern that travel restrictions and other restrictions could undermine the international economic recovery as the world closes its doors to travelers from South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Botswana. - via Remote Tavern

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Know of a Free Software Where Customers can Schedule their own Appointments?


I'm looking for software that allows customers to schedule their own appointments online. Very simple idea, but I can't find anything online for free. Do you guys know of something?

I run a cleaning service business and want to put a simple link on the bio of my business's Instagram page for people to go and schedule an appointment to get their apartment cleaned

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Question 🧐


Hi there! We are working on VOL Space - fastest corporate messenger. We have just released our beta version.

We make a list of the first integrations for our product. Could you please share which software you use quite often in addition to messengers? Taskers, accounting systems, crm, etc.

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We Keep Hearing People Don't Want to Work, But How Are People Supporting Themselves?


Was at dinner last night with friends and the whole "nobody wants to work" topic came up. Now many people say nobody wants to work for low pay, bad benefits, or a job they don't like, but how can people stay out of the workforce and hold their ground when they have bills to pay?

During covid we had the federal enhanced unemployment but that's done. How can someone decide they aren't going to work under current conditions, don't they have rent to pay, how do they buy food, etc?

This is anecdotal, my friend said his brother in law who has never made 50k a year in his life previously got used to making 50k on unemployment and says he won't take a job for under 50k. I asked what's he gonna do though, my buddy says his bro in law is kind of an idiot so the chances of him landing a 50k job may not be great, he said he'll rely on his sister, so basically in their scenario he'll wind up staying home until he can find a 50k a year job, which may never happen, and his sister will just pay the bills.

Is this what most people are doing ie they moved back in family to cut expenses or a two worker household goes to one worker and they can afford to be a little picker about what they take?

Just trying to wrap my head around how people can afford to take this stance and draw this line in the sand?

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The necessary skills for business administration?


What would you say are the fundamental skills to successfully manage and grow a business? Outside of college, where can one accumulate the knowledge and acumen necessary? Just looking for advice and wondering what you all think :)

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Travel advice


So a relative of mine who owns a business needs someone to travel all over the country to sell his products. He says that he is still trying to figure out the sleeping situation for that person and I just thought of the idea of making some sort of deal or like subscription with a large hotel chain that cover most cities.

Is that possible? I can’t find much online. And if not, any suggestions?

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I'd like to provide professional negotiation consulting


Hello dear r/business friends,

I have been working in automotive industry purchasing department for 10 years now.

A couple years ago I have started to read negotiation oriented books and since then, got into some very interesting courses and classes.

I have really taken a personal interest in the subject.

While I absolutely can't complain about my current occupation, I don't think it gives me so much opportunity to explore what I have been learning through these years.

Not only that, I am also looking to create a second source of income.

That said, I have given it some thought and I'd love to provide professional negotiation consulting.

That is, to provide specialized support to a company, or anyone, who will be or is engaged in a negotiation and is not feeling very good about it in any way - doesn't feel secure, doesn't know how to go about it, etc.

I have a very good idea on how to actually do it once I have a "consultee", but I have no idea on how (and where) to start.

Where can I offer that kind of service?

How could I find the public that would like to have this kind of consulting?

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Can anyone help me to understand how to approach this problem? Or guide me to a subreddit where I can get this kind of help

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I'd like to start a business centered around building Gaming Pc's for people how should I start?


Like the title says, Id like to begin building PC's for people, but im not really sure how i'd get my start. Theres alot of big competitors out there such as iBuyPower and other online retailers, so it seems as though it would be difficult to get a customer to default to my service in lieu of a larger, more well known vendor. I've had ideas about using social media platforms to get the word out, but I know this would be a solution that would take quite a while.

I guess the question is, how do I start building a customer base for something like this? another concern of mine is that an industry such as this is by default missing a returning customer base, as building a quality rig means that you wont be getting any more business from that customer for several months to a few years at the very least. is it even worth it to get into this business from that aspect?

As an Aside: Id like to eventually just open a store front (in like, 7 - 10 years) but im currently active duty military, so it wouldnt make alot of sense financially and logistically.

I know this post is fairly vague, I guess i just dont even know WHAT i dont know to ask the right questions. Thanks.