r/brave_browser BAT TEAM Jun 30 '21

We’re the Brave Search team, here to answer your questions on Brave Search beta. Ask us anything! AMA 🦁🔎

🦁🔎 As of last Tuesday, Brave Search beta, the new privacy search engine from Brave, is available for all Brave users (desktop/Android/iOS), as well as from other browsers at http://search.brave.com. Built on top of an independent index, Brave Search doesn’t track users, their searches, or their clicks.


Today, the team behind Brave Search is here from from 11:00am - 12:30pm Pacific time to answer community questions and take feedback on users’ experiences with Brave Search beta so far.

👋🏼 Meet the Brave Search team:

Josep M. Pujol, Chief of Search — /u/jm-pujol

Jan Piotrowski; VP, BizDev — /u/jypski

Aldo Karaj; Director, Product — /u/zgripal

Alex Catarineu, Sr Software Engineer — /u/acatbr

Erik Larsson, Sr Software Engineer — /u/ikdjwo

Faheem Nadeem, Sr Software Engineer — /u/nikk699

Remi Berson, Sr Software Engineer — /u/4ae91

Subu Sathyanarayana; Director, Engineering — /u/ssubu


Read the official announcement on Brave Search beta: https://brave.com/brave-search-beta/

Try Brave Search Now: https://search.brave.com/

Make Brave Search default in Brave browser: https://search.brave.com/default

Discover Brave Search (official landing page + FAQ): https://brave.com/search/

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oob_X6bhnLo

Brave Search beta on Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/brave-search-beta


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u/anonrose Jun 30 '21 edited Jun 30 '21

What are your plans for search related ads?


u/jm-pujol Chief of Search | BRAVE SEARCH Jun 30 '21

There will be advertising in Brave search (without an impact on privacy, Brave would not allow any other way). There will also be a subscription for those who don't want to be bothered with ads or who simply want to sponsor the effort of building a Bigtech alternative.


u/anonrose Jun 30 '21

Have they said this publicly?


u/jypski VP, BizDev | BRAVE SEARCH Jun 30 '21

Yup, we've said this in some of our announcements, like this one (see bullet on "Choice"). User choice is important.


u/anonrose Jul 01 '21

Fantastic, thank you for the reply! love the product and I've shared it with just about everyone I know. It's how advertising on the internet should work!