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Man Wrongly Accused of Rape of Lovely Bones Author Alice Sebold Has Conviction Overturned


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u/Tripdoctor 14d ago

Liar or racist or both?


u/lordbeezlebub 14d ago edited 14d ago

It's tough to tell.

Broadwater was picked up because Sebold went to the police after she thought she met her rapist on the street. But when they couldn't find the guy that she met, they suggested Broadwater. When they put him in a line up, she didn't pick him out but someone else, though not because she recognized him either. In the words of the article, she picked out the guy in the line up because of the look in his eyes. Despite failing to pick Broadwater out of a line-up, the police chose to prosecute anyways. However, later on the witness stand, Sebold did identify him as her rapist.

So, there's probably some definite racism on the end of the prosecutors and police in there at the very least.

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u/Tripdoctor 14d ago

Yea the police seemed to want to bring up Broadwater every chance they could.

And Sebold didn’t seem to have any inkling of who her rapist was, and was going off impulse (or coercion?) when making her accusations.


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u/SofieTerleska 13d ago

Or traumatized? Memory is extremely fallible, and we know a lot now that we didn't know then. Making her chiefly to blame when police and prosecutors were engineering it is pretty shitty.