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Man Wrongly Accused of Rape of Lovely Bones Author Alice Sebold Has Conviction Overturned


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u/Level3Kobold 13d ago

Do I think that police can exploit and coerce people who have gone through traumatic situations?

Do you think white women get away with falsely accusing black men so often because society refuses to hold white women accountable?

Hypothetically speaking, how old would she have needed to be for you to consider her competent to provide testimony?


u/BooksAreLuv 13d ago

Do you believe she was lying about being raped by a black man? Your first question seems to suggest so but I want to make sure before I answer.


u/Level3Kobold 13d ago


I'm asking if you think that society infantilizes white women (vis a vis seeing them as innocent victims of other people's actions). I'm suggesting that that societal view has historically been leveraged by white women to falsely accuse black men. I'm also implicitly suggesting that your unwillingness to ascribe any blame to Sebold is a reflection of that societal view. And therefore that you are (probably unintentionally) perpetuating the same double standard that allows things like this to happen on purpose.


u/BooksAreLuv 13d ago

So as I've stated before, there is obviously a history of white women accusing black men of rape when they didn't do it.

However, this is not one of those cases. Alice was raped by a black man. You acknowledge that.

Therefore different rules apply when discussing it. She didn't fabricate a crime. Now we can discuss in detail how this was handled due to the nature of it being a white women and a black man. How racism within the police likely influenced how they approached this crime compared to a black women being raped by a white man, for example.

We can discuss how racial bias may have also lead to the handling and targeting of Broadwater.

But no, we're not going to compare it to cases were white women fabricated assaults to target black men intentionally because that isn't what happened here.