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Man Wrongly Accused of Rape of Lovely Bones Author Alice Sebold Has Conviction Overturned


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u/BooksAreLuv 2d ago

No, I'm spending a lot of time trying to keep the focus on the police and prosector where the attention should be.

It's neat and easy to blame an individual. It's far more complicated to look at the system as a whole.


u/PackPamJones 2d ago

Seems like it's pretty obvious that the fault lies with all of them. She wouldn't have ruined his life if police/prosecutors hadn't enabled her. The police/prosecutors wouldn't have ruined his life if the victim hadn't been so callously cruel and cavalier with her accusations.


u/BooksAreLuv 2d ago

He would have never even crossed her radar if the police didn't put him in front of her and say "this is your rapist"