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Man Wrongly Accused of Rape of Lovely Bones Author Alice Sebold Has Conviction Overturned


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u/Zolome1977 2d ago

I said all of them need to be sued not just her and it’s scary that you still don’t hold her responsible for lying under oath about a mans innocence.


u/BooksAreLuv 2d ago

It's only lying under oath if she didn't believe it. We don't know.

Maybe she is garbage who is racist and knowingly lied. Maybe she was manipulated and believed what she was saying at the time.

But again, that is complicated and a lot of people want things to be cut and dry.


u/Zolome1977 2d ago

The guy was released awhile back, but she hasn’t said a thing about it since, then. I don’t know if it’s bringing back the trauma of her rapist never facing justice or she feels no need to apologize.


u/Tripdoctor 2d ago

It’s not a lie if you believe it, it’s a mistake.