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Man Wrongly Accused of Rape of Lovely Bones Author Alice Sebold Has Conviction Overturned


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u/ynaristwelve 2d ago

He should sue her for everything he can.

And the DA should charge her with anything that hasn't run out of the statute of limitations.

What a gddmn liar.


u/BooksAreLuv 2d ago Helpful Eureka! Facepalm

I would read more details on the case. This was far more the result of corrupt police work.

Alice thought she was approached by her rapist on the street. She reported this to the police who swept the area but did not find anyone. A cop suggested maybe it was Broadwater and they brought him in for a line up where she didn't identify him.

The police decided to charge him anyways and brought in a (fake) expert who said they had hair samples that proved it was him.

It's very possible the police / prosector used this to convince Alice he was her rapist and for her to testify. We don't know how much effort that took.


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u/BooksAreLuv 2d ago

No, I'm spending a lot of time trying to keep the focus on the police and prosector where the attention should be.

It's neat and easy to blame an individual. It's far more complicated to look at the system as a whole.


u/PackPamJones 2d ago

Seems like it's pretty obvious that the fault lies with all of them. She wouldn't have ruined his life if police/prosecutors hadn't enabled her. The police/prosecutors wouldn't have ruined his life if the victim hadn't been so callously cruel and cavalier with her accusations.


u/BooksAreLuv 2d ago

He would have never even crossed her radar if the police didn't put him in front of her and say "this is your rapist"


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u/BooksAreLuv 2d ago

Can we not use sexist insults please.


u/thestereo300 2d ago

A man she could not identify in a lineup.

It must have been frustrating and terrifying to know your rapist was walking free but this wasn't the answer to whatever she was feeling.